Things To See & Do In Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Brussels

Villa Marie-Mirande Window| © Michel wal| WikiCommons
Villa Marie-Mirande Window| © Michel wal| WikiCommons
Photo of Paulina Gono
9 February 2017

Sint-Agatha-Berchem is the perfect place to relax and is even referred to as the ‘village in the city.’ This former part of the province of Brabant and birthplace of both actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and illustrator Guy Vandevoorde was established as a municipality of Brussels in 1954. Even though Berchem is not the biggest neighborhood in Brussels, it has a lot to offer, especially if you like to combine city sightseeing with nature.

Explore Cité Moderne

Walk around Cité Moderne, the largest project by Belgian modernist architect Victor Bougeois. Constructed from 1922-1925, this social housing project includes 275 flat-roofed units made of concrete. This district was planned by Louis Van der Swaelmen, and Cité Moderne earned the Grand Prize at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes.

Rue de la Cité Moderne, Brussels, Belgium


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Find the old St. Agatha Church

Head to the eastern part of the neighborhood and discover the old St. Agatha Church, which presently serves as a cultural center. The surrounding landscape of nearby farms provides the perfect backdrop for this charming village. The church stands right in front of the forest, so you can take a nice walk on the other side by the cemetery. Rue de l’Allée Verte, Brussels, Belgium

Old Sint-Agatha Church| © Szybcia| WikiCommons

Old Sint-Agatha Church| © Szybcia| WikiCommons

Visit the new St. Agatha Church

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If you enjoyed the old Church, be sure to check out the new version! The new St. Agatha, a Romanesque Church built between 1287 and 1311, is located just a few streets away from the original. If you have the opportunity to go inside, you can admire artworks that were transferred from the original St. Agatha Church. After a brief visit, take a look at Dr. Schweitzerplein Place, a beautifully renovated pedestrian area. Don’t forget to take note of the modern triangular pattern of the paving.

Admire Villa Maria-Mirande

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Villa Marie-Mirande Window
Villa Marie-Mirande Window | © Michel wal| WikiCommons
The treasure of Sint-Agatha-Berchem is undoubtedly the Villa Maria Mirande, which was built by ceramicist Guillaume Janssens for his family in 1912. The house was named after Guillaume Janssens’ daughter. Breathtaking ceramic decoration on the facade showcase Janssens’ business, which was ceramic products.

Check what is on

Cultural Centre Le Fourquet is located in the old brewery of Berchem, and its name has an origin there too (since it is a name for a brewery tool). The center participates in many social and cultural projects in this neighborhood. It hosts several clubs, workshops for kids and adults, and festivals, including the annual Emergence and Street Theater festival. 15 Place de l’Eglise 15, Brussels, Belgium

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Relax in Zavelenberg

Zavelenberg is another escape from the buzzing city into nature. It is the largest green area of Sint-Agatha-Berchem. Relax next to the lake in the middle of the area and enjoy your view while the colors of the nature surround you.

Zavelenberg, Brussels, Belgium