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Mammouth, courtesy of Mammouth
Mammouth, courtesy of Mammouth
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The Top 10 Restaurants In Saint-Gilles

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Updated: 9 February 2017
When it comes to where to eat in Saint-Gilles in Brussels, you will be glad to discover that there is a whole life beyond les frites! Don’t be fooled by its popular nickname ‘village within the city,this southern district offers a tasty range of possibilities and displays a unique mix between the traditional and multicultural. Dive in and enjoy the 10 best restaurants in Saint-Gilles.
Normandy '10: Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue |© Archangel12 Flickr
Normandy ’10: Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue | © Archangel12 Flickr
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Le Waterloo

Le Waterloo is one of the ultimate traditional brasseries in the area. Try the boulettes à la liégeoise and jambonneau moutarde à l’ancienne, served with a generous supply of frites.

Le Waterloo, Chaussée de Waterloo 217, Brussels, Belgium + 32 253 928 04

Café La Pompe | © Camilla Colavolpe
Café La Pompe | © Camilla Colavolpe

Café La Pompe

Café La Pompe is named after its location in a former gas station. This all-day open cafe is a great option for breakfast, or a great choice for after-work drinks. Try the homemade hot-dogs and plats mijotés which can be savored on one of the big terraces.

Café la Pompe, Chaussée de Waterloo 211, Brussels, Belgium + 32 285 171 27

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Café des Spores

Walking into Café des Spores means expecting a completely out of the ordinary sensory experience. Each ingredient is accurately selected and seasonal, hence the restaurant’s ever-changing menu. Particular emphasis should also be placed on the homemade and 100% organic bread, prepared in the nearby restaurant Hopla Geiss.

Café des Spores, Chaussée d’Alsemberg 103, Brussels, Belgium +32 253 413 03

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Au Marché Noir

Au Marché Noir has a menu based on the daily deliveries from Belgian producers. Carefully selected by owners Martin and Jérome, Au Marché Noir offers only two, reasonably priced main dishes, both curated with attention to detail. The choices – one vegetarian, one with meat – are served on biodegradable take-away plates, but if you are lucky enough, you may find a palce to sit inside or outside.

Au Marché Noir, Avenue Adolphe Demeur 36, Brussels, Belgium

Le Prélude

Le Prélude is located in a quiet oasis halfway between la Commune and la Prison de Saint-Gilles, it serves delicious locally-sourced food through an alternative formula: the Bento Bruxellois. Inspired by the Japanese bento box, Sophie – the owner – reworked this concept in a bio and organic sense. Each day, three different bentos are offered, changing according to the deliveries of the day and each of them containing a daily serving of cereals, proteins and vegetables.

Le Pélude, Rue Antoine Bréart 82, Brussels, Belgium

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CiPiaCe delivers the best Italian specialties to the Belgian tables. From breakfast (which includes real Italian espresso) to late evenings (their original Spritz or Negroni cocktails paired with lavish Italian cured meats and cheeses), you will find everything you need to satisfy your urge for Italian gastronomy. The brunch is truly one-of-a-kind.

Address: CiPiaCe, Parvis de Saint-Gilles 49/A, Brussels, Belgium, +32 477 560 726

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BabDar – Cuisine du Maroc

A stone’s throw away from the elegant Place Stephanie, BabDar‘s delicious Moroccan specialties are served in a modern and refined environment. A good price (especially the lunch menus) and a charming garden make this a must-visit venue.

BabDar – Cuisine du Maroc, Chaussée de Charleroi 85, Brussels, Belgium, +32 253 496 49

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A teacher and lawyer, founders Anais and Charlotte decided to abandon their professions and instead focus on their dream: to open a place where you could stay from breakfast till late afternoon, savoring 100% fresh and homemade meals and snacks. All of this in a white, bright environment embellished with cozy colorful details, which pleasantly contrast the gray of the surrounding area (namely the Gare du Midi). Welcome to Mammouth, where the succulent buns and Sunday monthly brunches are highly recommended.

Mammouth, Rue de Russie 10, Brussels, Belgium, +32 253 443 98

La Damoiselle | © Camilla Colavolpe

La Damoiselle | © Camilla Colavolpe

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Le Damoiselle

Le Damoiselle, a charming wooden-corner restaurant embellished by Belgian street artist BONOM, offers simple French dishes. Cozy and relaxed, this place serves excellent kirs (ideal for the apéros) with fruity creams skillfully mixed with Bourgogne Aligoté, a tasty French white wine.

Le Damoiselle, Rue de Lombardie 28, Brussels, Belgium +32 253 920 04

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Cool Bun Stephanie

Cool Bun has a long list of both beers and wines, along with a menu composed of a great choice of giant starters (such as their crisp batter-coated onion rings), mouthwatering burgers and homemade desserts.

Cool Bun Stephanie, Rue Berckmans 34, Brussels, Belgium