The History Of The Brussels Tram Museum In 1 Minute

Historic Brussels Tram | Courtesy of The Brussels Tram Museum
Historic Brussels Tram | Courtesy of The Brussels Tram Museum
Though Belgium has a rich history regarding trains, the urban transport within Brussels is also a core part of the capital’s development as a city. At the Museum of Urban Transportation (Tram Museum), individuals have the opportunity to learn more about the history of Brussels’ transportation system and cruise through the city aboard a vintage vehicle.

Located in an historic tram depot within the quiet commune of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, the Tram Museum perfectly complements the residential streets and parks.

Museum of Urban Transport Motorcar 346 © Voogd075/Wiki Commons, Museum of Urban Transport Motorcar 1930|© Voogd075/Wiki Commons, Museum of Urban Transport bus 8024|© Voogd075/Wiki Commons

The history of the depot has always played a part in showcasing the city’s trams, as it once served as a location to store the trams that were needed for the 1897 world exhibition. King Leopold II made sure there were trams to take visitors from the newly constructed Avenue de Tervueren to the Cinquantenaire Park. Following the exhibition, the depot’s ownership transferred to the train company, Ixelles-Boondael.

After the train company abandoned it, the depot was untouched for many years. For a while it housed a canteen and offices, only to be forgotten again until it became the home of urban transport exhibitions in 1977. Since its official opening in 1987, the Tram Museum has housed an extensive collection of antique transportation models of buses, trams and taxis that were once used in the capital; showcasing the historic evolution of transportation in Brussels.

Certainly not to be overlooked is the opportunity to take one of these antique vehicles on a trip for a unique scenic tour of Brussels. During the warmer months, the Tram Museum offers historical tours of the city’s commune aboard some of its most historic trams.

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