The Best Restaurants And Cafés For Clean Eating In Brussels

TAN | Courtesy of TAN
TAN | Courtesy of TAN
Although Belgian cuisine includes a number of tasty delicacies ranging from the sweet to the savory, not to be overlooked is its rich culture of bio-friendly restaurants and cafés. Whether it be vegetarian havens or local spots encouraging healthy lifestyles, Brussels itself contains numerous stops to enjoy organic and tasteful dishes. Read on to discover 10 reasons why skipping the frites may not be a such a bad idea after all.


Slogan of this place says it all, ’You Are What You Eat – You Are Great.’ YAG is a modern place that serves delicious, healthy dishes that change daily. Here you can try kombucha instead of lemonade and freshly made matcha instead of coffee.

Moon Food

Moon Food is a vegan café where visitors can stop in for a quick and healthy bite. With wooden and concrete elements, this spacious and airy place is located near Royal Park. It serves organic, gluten and lactose free dishes, based only on vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Moon Food, Rue des colonies 58, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 303 43 32


Located just a stone’s throw from Flagey, AMI is a bright and simple place with a cute terrace in the back. The menu is varied and all products are 100 per cent vegetarian. It offers sandwiches, salads, soups, and burgers, and it also has delicious sweets like cakes, cookies and brownies.

AMI, Rue Lesbroussart, 13, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 646 88 41

AMI/©Jeremy Galand/Courtesy of AMI

AMI | ©Jeremy Galand/Courtesy of AMI

Henri & Agnes

Henri & Agnes is a bio-canteen located on the ground floor of the Chelton Hotel in the Schuman neighborhood. The place is warm and peaceful with a wooden interior and blue lamps that are hanging everywhere. Here, everything is fresh and delicious, and it serves healthy food with style.

Henri & Agnes, Rue Veronese 48, Brussels, Belgium, +32 471 22 28 02

The Little Green Shop

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The store front of the tiny florist/eatery The Little Green Shop
The store front of the tiny florist/eatery The Little Green Shop | Courtesy of The Little Green Shop
The Little Green Shop is not just a tea room to enjoy a veggie lunch, it’s also a flower shop. This concept store has a lovely épicerie, where you can buy homemade products, and a joined flower shop with an assortment of plants from the tiniest to the largest. It’s a cozy and beautifully decorated space where visitors can eat healthy while taking in the smell of fresh flowers.
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Knees to Chin

Knees to Chin creates a whole new concept inspired by Vietnamese street food with a healthy twist. It offers different kind of rice paper rolls like salmon, shrimp, chicken and duck, perfectly wrapped with mango, avocado and coconut flakes. It’s a small but charming place with wooden tables, colorful jar lamps and plates with Asian motifs.

Knees to Chin, Rue de Livourne 125, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 644 18 11


Vegetarian or not, TAN is a great option as it offers raw food or cooked food prepared in a ‘hypo toxic’ way, which means the temperature is below 100 degrees to preserve all nutritional value (vitamins, enzymes and minerals). At TAN, visitors can also attend cookery classes and buy organic products.

TAN, Rue de l’Aqueduc, 95, 1050 Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 537 87 87


Located a few strides from the Bourse, Yeti is a modern cantine opened by Maxime, who is a nutrition and life coach. It offers quality organic food like soups, sandwiches, pancakes and brunch during the weekend. It’s a modern-retro space where visitors can relax and enjoy dynamic flavors.

Yeti, Rue de Bon-Secours 4-6, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 502 24 26


Settled in an aristocratic mansion on Avenue Louise, CHYL is a concept store with an biological shop, café and beauty corner. The old wooden floor, high ceilings and big windows that let plenty of light in make this place serene and peaceful-like and, as the name suggests, a place where visitors ‘Change Your Life, Cherish Your Life’. In addition to its café, CHYL also includes a fully stocked bio store and a relaxing beauty center.

CHYL, Rue de Belle Vue 62, Brussels, Belgium, +32 2 648 34 76

God Save the Cream

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Another great place near Avenue Louise is God Save the Cream, a small corner of Britain in Brussels. This little charming café serves homemade dishes, prepared with mainly organic ingredients and without any kind of coloring or preservatives. Here in vintage ambiance, among little wooden tables, porcelain tea cups and retro wallpapers, visitors can also find a selection of homemade products on their shelves.
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