Austria's Enchanting Palaces You Can Actually Stay in

Schonbrunn Palace In Vienna | ©  jpeter2 / Pixabay
Schonbrunn Palace In Vienna | © jpeter2 / Pixabay
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9 March 2017

The expression ‘fit for a King or Queen’ gets taken to new heights with Austria’s lavish accommodation. Forget about slumming it in a city hostel dorm room, splurge out and enjoy an overnight stay inside one of these handsome abodes. With Austria’s monarchy well and truly done and dusted, their former residences have been transformed into luxury hotels and living quarters so you can live like royalty.

Schonbrunn Palace

The Hofburg family occupied this extensive and excessive grand property, until November 1918, when the Austrian Republic took over the ownership following the fall of the Habsburg monarchy. Today, the public can freely roam the park grounds of the Schonbrunn Palace and sections of the palace have been opened up as a museum extremely popular with visitors to Vienna. The Grand Suite, available to stay in, is decked out in excessive lavishness, boasting a four-poster bed and beautiful antique furniture. All this is topped off with the added bonus of panoramic views of palace grounds where you can gaze over the splendid Gloriette and the Neptune Fountain.

Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Wien

The Palace as seen from the Gloriette | © Ymon / Pixabay

The palace as seen from the Gloriette | © Ymon / Pixabay

Horn Palace

This is an Airbnb like no other. With 13 suites and rooms able to hold up to 26 people, this dramatic abode has all the amenities you would expect from a monarch’s living quarters — including an open fireplace and extensive grounds with tennis courts and a swimming pool. Dating back to 1618, this palace was once the residence of the aristocratic Hoyos family, but now, you and your friends can live the high life and pretend to be royals for a few nights. Of course, not all of the features inside this lavish home are antique, with all your mod cons (Wi-Fi, dishwasher etc) included.

Niederösterreich, Austria

Horn Palace as seen from the garden | © KatharinaSchiffl

Horn Palace as seen from the garden | © KatharinaSchiffl

The lavish dining room | © KatharinaSchiffl

The lavish dining room | © KatharinaSchiffl

Burg Deutschlandsberg

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This dramatic castle-turned-hotel in Burgenland overlooks the Hungarian lowlands, in the Austrian state of Styria. Built during the 13th century, this lordly residence was once used by Emperor Otto I. From the Knights Single Room all the way up to the Tower Suite, this is extravagant lodging in the highest form. Lord over the dramatic scenery of rolling hills and vineyards that surround this historical hotel.

Baroque Castle In Wasserburg

The Wachau Valley in Lower Austria is an ideal holiday destination, popular with tourists for its postcard-perfect landscapes of vineyards, rolling hills, crumbling abbeys and the sparkling the River Danube cutting through the middle. What better way to enjoy these generous surroundings than in the grand grounds of this 16th-century castle. Decked out in ‘English country-style’ décor, this spacious home has room to accommodate up to 26 people and contains everything that you could possibly need for an extravagant weekend away; sauna, swimming pool, an extensive garden, games room — all a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Austrian countryside.

Sankt Pölten, Niederösterreich, Austria