Unique Things For a Foodie to Do in Jamaica

Unique experiences for a foodie in Jamaica
Unique experiences for a foodie in Jamaica | © Pixabay

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Jamaican cuisine is loved all around the world for its flavorful recipes, interesting cooking techniques, and unique blend of herbs and spices. As world-renowned as Jamaican food is, there are still a few culinary experiences that one can only get on the island. There are the most unique things that a food lover can do in Jamaica.

Jamaican Culinary Tour

As stated on their website, The Jamaica Culinary Tour promises “an exciting culinary adventure” with the exploration of exotic Jamaican cuisine, as well as Jamaican culture. The Culinary Tour features two tours—the “Nyam An Guh Weh Tour,” which lasts five and a half hours from Falmouth to Ocho Rios and a separate Falmouth Tour which lasts between two and a half to three hours. Each tour explores the cultural and historical landmarks of the towns while offering guests the opportunity to enjoy savory Jamaican food and full meals. The tours include five tastings each, two tastings and sidewalk, street food, and the others include restaurant tastings. Tastings include many traditional Jamaican foods, such as jerk chicken from vendors in Falmouth and Ocho Rios, curry goat, ackee and saltfish, breadfruit, Jamaican patties, rum, and many other meal choices, as well as Jamaican pasties.

Ackee & Saltfish

Jerk chicken festivals

Jerk chicken is possibly the most famous dish to originate in Jamaica. To celebrate the loved Jamaican feed, there are major jerk chicken festivals that are held across the island during the year, where you can get jerk chicken along with a variety of other jerk meals. Portland, the parish where jerk was created, organizes the Portland Jerk Festival in Jamaica every July. The CB Pan Chicken Festival and the Montego Bay Jerk Festival are also anticipated jerk festivals in Jamaica.

Jerk chicken

Appleton Estate Rum Tour

Rum is an important part of Jamaican cuisine and can be found in every part, club, and at every party held on the island. The Appleton Estate in St. Elizabeth are producers of some of the best rum in Jamaica and in the world. The Rum Tour at the Estate gives visitors a look inside the rum-making process, which involves removing the juices from sugarcane, the distillation process, and much more. Of course, visitors get the chance to sample the 13 types of rum that are made at the estate. Visitors are also allowed to juice their own cane and boil “wet sugar.”

Appleton Rum Estate

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