Reasons Why You Should Live in Jamaica at Some Point in Your Life

Beach in Jamaica
Beach in Jamaica | © Pixabay

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The famous Jamaican saying, “Nowhere no better than yard”, means no matter where in the world you travel, once you’ve lived in Jamaica, it will always be your home. The island culture and beauty have captured the hearts of many around the world who have decided to make Jamaica their permanent residence. Here are all the reasons to experience life in Jamaica at least once.

Jamaican Food

Jamaican cuisine is loved all over the world, and you can’t find it better than actually in the country itself. Having delicious jerk chicken, curry goat and Jamaican oxtail as everyday meal options is reason enough to visit and live here. Along with the authentic Jamaican meals, you will also find restaurants that serve a variety of foreign cuisines, if you’re ever in the mood for an international dish.

Jerk chicken


In every parish in Jamaica, you will find a historical or tourist attraction. Beaches, waterfalls, mountains and many other attractions are the highlights of the Jamaican landscape and the centre of fun. Jamaica’s composition of natural wonders including exotic flowers, trees and wildlife will amaze you every single day.

Blue Hole from above

Warm Weather

With the warm tropical weather, you will never have to use a winter coat. Temperatures range from 22 to 36 degrees Celsius, dropping slightly during the winter season. However, you can still hit the beach and soak up some sun any time of the year.

Jamaican beach

Recreational Activities

Jamaica’s tropical climate and many attractions make it the perfect place to get outside and have some fun. Whatever activity interests you, you’re likely find it somewhere on the island. Go swimming with horses and dolphins, go dancing, bobsled through the mountains, partake in some water sports, go hiking or join a local club or organisation. The list of activities is endless, so you will never be bored.

Bobsled in Mystic Mountain © Royal Caribbean International

Cultural Diversity

Jamaica’s motto is “Out of many one people”. Jamaica’s cultural diversity has always been one of the main highlights of the island. People of all races and walks of life from around the world live in Jamaica and are welcomed by locals. Throughout the 14 parishes, you will find different religions, cultures and practices that co-exist peacefully. You will never have to worry about feeling as if you don’t belong.

Diversity mural

Reggae and Dancehall Music

Reggae and Dancehall are celebrated music genres around the world, and living in Jamaica means that you are the first to hear the latest songs and the first to see and hear local Reggae and Dancehall artists who eventually make it big on the international scene. You’re also likely to be among the first to experience these acts live in concert. Undoubtedly, Jamaica has some of the best reggae and dancehall shows throughout the year that include some of the most famous artists.

Reggae Sumfest

Business Opportunities

One of the many reasons foreigners decide to permanently reside in Jamaica is to open a business. Forbes listed Jamaica as the best place to do business in the Caribbean in their 2015 list of Best Countries for Business. Throughout the island, you will find many thriving restaurants, bars, boutiques and entertainment venues, many of which are owned by foreigners.

Business idea

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