8 Creative Talents From The Dominican Republic You Should Know

Sunset in Dominican Republic I © Joe deSousa/Flickr
Sunset in Dominican Republic I © Joe deSousa/Flickr
The Dominican Republic is a nation of the Caribbean situated on the Western side of Hispaniola Island, with Haiti located in the East. Renowned for idyllic beaches, all-inclusive resorts, scorching sun and golf, the area has a rich and varied history dominated by Spanish, French and Haitian culture. This diverse melting pot of traditions is reflected creatively in the artwork on offer in the Dominican Republic, with local artists exhibiting unique, versatile and incredible talents. From musicians, to painters, to fashion designers, here’s Culture Trip’s guide to the creatives best artists from the Dominican Republic.

Juan Luis Guerra

Juan Luis Guerra, born in Santo Domingo in 1957, has received a seemingly endless list of awards highlighting his success in the music industry, including 15 Latin Grammy Awards, two Grammy Awards and two Latin Billboard Music Awards (to name but a few). He cannot quite be characterized by one music style, and combines a medley of sounds including salsa, merengue, gospel and even rock-and-roll, to continually produce hit after hit. Whilst his most popular tunes are recorded in Spanish, one of which is Ojalá Que Llueva Café, I wish it would rain coffee, Guerra also performs songs in English, such as Medicine for My Soul. He showcases his talents behind the scenes too, and often works as a music producer and composer for other artists.