The Best Art Galleries on the Caribbean Island of Dominica

Explore Dominicas creative side
Explore Dominica's creative side | © NAPA / Alamy Stock Photo
Maria Menegaki

With such stunning natural beauty, it’s no wonder that the mountainous Caribbean island of Dominica has been a source of inspiration for writers and artists throughout the years. Whether you spend your time in Dominica hiking, swimming or sightseeing, take a break to discover the island’s art galleries, some of which will surely surprise you. You can get to know many of the local skilled artists through their works in the small galleries on the island, reflecting on themes related to traditions, culture, landscapes or abstract.

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The Art Asylum

Each of Earl Darius Etienne’s works is influenced by his environment and strives to transcend the conventional in various ways – for example, by creating illusions of motion in visibly static paintings. He is undoubtedly one of the most established Dominican artists. Stop by the Art Asylum to view and purchase some unique pieces that reflect the soul of the leading figure on Dominica’s contemporary art scene.

Tiffany’s Art Gallery

Paintings, wood carvings, ceramics, locally handmade soaps, body scrubs, scented candles and jewellery can all be found under one roof at Tiffany’s Art Gallery. Located in Canefield, the gallery has a spectacular display of locally produced art on sale, along with tasty food and drinks served in a lovely café. Watch out for the frequent cultural nights.

Old Mill Cultural Centre

Officially established in 1985 to provide facilities for the administration of local arts and culture, Old Mill Cultural Centre is a legendary venue for artists to show and sell their work. Due to the regular exhibits and performances, you’ll have the special opportunity to learn about the island’s cultural heritage in the most appropriate place: the first Dominican sugarcane mill.

Harmony Art Gallery

Located in the coastal village of Portsmouth, Harmony Art Gallery showcases a diverse collection of contemporary and traditional Caribbean art. The gallery features works by both local and international artists, providing a platform for cross-cultural artistic exchange. From paintings and photography to handcrafted jewelry and ceramics, Harmony Art Gallery offers a glimpse into the vibrant and eclectic art scene of Dominica.

Vetivert Contemporary Fine Art Gallery of Dominica

This new Vetivert Contemporary Fine Art Gallery is in downtown Roseau, located at Lacou Restaurant & private dining room. It is a beautiful, relaxing, and central location to showcase the unique and immersive contemporary art experience in Dominica.

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