10 Most Beautiful Places In Dominica

Photo of Maria Menegaki
9 February 2017

The last Caribbean island to be colonized due to the fierce resistance from the native Caribs is often confused with the nation of the Dominican Republic. Nevertheless Dominica is the most mountainous island of the Lesser Antilles offering tropical lushness and gorgeous views. Save a week or more from your calendar, and find this unspoiled paradise between Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Flora at Freshwater Lake, Dominica | © Liam Quinn/Flickr

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Filled with mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, freshwater lakes, thick jungle and a rich biodiversity, there is no wonder that Morne Trois Pitons National Park is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Named after its highest mountain, it is a stunning blend of volcanic features and luxuriant tropical forest waiting to be discovered if you follow one of the hiking trails.

Address: Saint George Parish, Dominica

Papillote Tropical Gardens

An oasis for artists, botanists and photographers, Papillote aims to conserve and celebrate the natural biodiversity of the island’s forests and wildlife. Completely demolished by Hurricane David in 1979, the gardens have since been re-established as one of the most impressive botanical collections in the region. Join a guided tour for a better insight in the extraordinary plant species and relax at the mineral-rich pool or the restaurant.

Address: Trafalgar Falls Road, Roseau, Dominica

Boiling Lake

Being one of the most popular attractions in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, this is the second largest hot spring in the world after Frying Pan in New Zealand, at a temperature ranging from 180 to 197 degrees Fahrenheit along its edges. Almost continuously veiled in clouds of vapor and filled with bubbling grayish water, Boiling Lake lies at the end of a strenuous, three-hour trail which is certainly worth the physical pain.

Address: Laudat, Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica

Cabrits National Park

Located on a scenic peninsula just beyond the town of Portsmouth, this is the last stop on the Waitukubuli Trail. Cabrits National Park protects tropical forests, coral reefs and wetlands and is an ideal place to explore due to the clear hiking trails. Put on your hiking boots and discover the ruins of Fort Shirley, a large 18th-century British garrison, in the jungle.

Address: Saint John Parish, Dominica

Victoria Falls

A large, well-known, misty waterfall on the east coast is one of the most impressive and photogenic waterfalls on the island. Victoria Waterfall flows into the White River which is sourced from the Boiling Lake and is perfect for an exciting hike thanks to the traversing trail paths, crossing rivers and climbing rocks. Get a guide to help you navigate through the rough terrain and enjoy some Caribbean culinary delights at one of the nearby top-notch restaurants.

Address: Delices, Dominica

The Carib Territory

This territory was established for the descendants of the once powerful Caribs, also known as the Kalinago, who inhabited the island prior to the European colonization and settlement. The Carib Territory or Carib Reverse has an estimated population of three thousand and is along with Venezuela the only home to the remaining natives significantly contributing to the preservation of their culture’s certain aspects. Tour the traditional village, purchase hand crafted souvenir reminders of your trip and talk with the people to learn about their history and lives.

Address: The Carib Territory, Dominica


Framed by lush peaks, Dominica’s capital and main seaport is colorful and vibrant with a cool Rastafarian vibe. Explore Roseau on foot and wander through the narrow streets to view the impressive buildings, visit the Old Market to purchase some fresh fruits, flowers and souvenirs and discover some of the numerous historic attractions it hosts.

Address: Roseau, Dominica

Trafalgar Falls

The twin falls known as Mother and Father can be found after a short hike through a forest of ginger plants and vanilla orchids. Partly due to their spectacular nature and their proximity to Roseau, Trafalgar Falls should definitely be included on every visitor’s destination list. Watch your step since the rocks may be slippery and soothe your tired muscles at the hot spring or one of the shallow river pools as a reward.

Address: Paillotte Road, Dominica

Scott’s Head

A picturesque fishing village on the southwest coast overlooking Soufrière Bay, Scott’s Head is the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Head to the top of the hill for some stunning panoramic views, attend the annual village feast during the summer months or snorkel around for the magnificent marine scenery.

Champagne Reef

One of Dominica’s most notable dive and snorkel sites, a hot tub in the middle of the ocean, lies in a marine reserve off the southwest coast. Champagne Reef is where you are able to glimpse trumpet fish or tiny sea horses among thousands of bubbles emerging from beneath the rocks due to the geothermal activity which will make you feel like you’re swimming in a giant glass of champagne.

Address: Saint Luke Parish, Dominica

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