The Best Restaurants in Dalat, Vietnam

A warm soup on a cold Dalat day
A warm soup on a cold Dalat day | © Sodanie Chea / Flickr
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After a day of exploring the beautiful highland resort town of Dalat, you’ll want to fill up on some delicious, locally-grown food straight from the lush hills themselves. Lucky for you there are plenty of options.

With a temperate climate perfect for growing crops and raising livestock, Dalat has built a thriving agriculture industry – supplying everything from strawberries for Nha Trang’s dessert cafes to buffalo mozzarella for Ho Chi Minh City’s pizzerias. Dining at Dalat’s restaurants means tasting this food at its freshest, straight from the source. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Dalat, Vietnam.

1. Góc Hà Thành

Restaurant, Vietnamese

A delicious meal
© Goc Ha Thanh / Facebook

Góc Hà Thành serves authentic Vietnamese dishes in a small and intimate space with wooden walls and furniture, made to look like a countryside home. The menu is one of the best in town, and none of the dishes can be singled out as lacking. Order a large spread of dishes and eat family style. Culture Trip recommends the coconut curry chicken, stir-fried morning glory, fresh spring rolls, and the caramelised fish in clay pot. To go with it, get some rice wine, which is also home-made and notoriously strong (yet goes down quite smoothly). If you’re going to drink a bunch, make sure to call a Grab instead of driving yourself.

2. Artist Alley

Restaurant, Vietnamese, French

Artist Alley is one of the most popular eateries in Dalat. With an affordable menu that focuses on French and Vietnamese cuisine, you’ll be enjoying your meal in a cosy atmosphere, with a live guitar being gently strummed in the background. Living up to its name, there are unique paintings and scultpures scattered around the venue (and it is, non-surprisingly, located down a quiet alley). Tables are candlelit come evening, making it a good option to take your amour on a romantic date – the vibes here seem a world away from the busy streets of Dalat.

3. Ganesh Fine Indian Cuisine

Restaurant, Indian

Lamb biryani
© Edsel Little / Flickr

Ganesh is a popular restaurant chain found throughout Vietnam, having served its first meal in 1999. With a menu serving mostly northern Indian dishes, Culture Trip suggests you stick to two appetizers (samosas and tandoori fish), a curry (the butter chicken is out of this world), a mutton biryani and two lachha parathas for two people. Tackle this meal with a salty lassi and you’ll find yourself redefining what it means to be full.

4. K'BE Wood Fired Pizza and BBQ

Restaurant, American, European, Vietnamese

Sometimes all you need is a good pizza
© Dominik Schwind / Flickr

In an often cold and rainy city like Dalat, sometimes a hot cheesy wood-fired pizza is just what you need. K’BE Wood Fired Pizza and BBQ is an expat-owned restaurant near Langbiang Mountain, where you can enjoy some authentic Western cuisine – often a welcome change from all the rice and noodles. All pizzas listed on the menu are equally delicious, and ingredients are sourced directly from farmers of the K’Ho ethnic minority. Try the margherita for 125,000 VND ($5.35 USD), the slow-cooked BBQ pork ribs for 250,000 VND/kg, and the mashed potatoes that come at 75,000 VND. You’ll leave feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

5. Da Quy

Restaurant, Vietnamese

Da Quy is another perfect spot for a cold rainy day in Dalat, because the menu serves delicious hot pot to warm you up. You’re able to choose what base of meat you would prefer, served with all sorts of raw vegetables and herbs for you to cook as you go along. Get the shrimp cooked with tamarind sauce, spring rolls and any one of the clay pot dishes, and you’ll find yourself spending a couple of hours shielded from the rain, enjoying an authentic Vietnamese experience. Da Quy also serves local wine which complements your dishes perfectly.

6. Le Rabelais

Restaurant, Bar, Vietnamese, French

The Dalat Palace Hotel
© Dalat Palace Hotel / Facebook

Le Rabelais at the Dalat Palace Hotel (built in 1922) is another luxurious French restaurant that occupies the grandest of dining rooms and a spectacular terrace looking down on the lakeshore. It’s the perfect choice for a night of celebration, where you will be surrounded by glamorous interiors and attentive staff who will treat you like royalty. Recommended dishes include steamed lobster in chilli orange sauce and grilled shrimp with creamy fresh leek and vanilla sauce. Set dinner menus are priced from 1,300,000 VND ($56 USD), which isn’t too bad for such a fancy place. Dress well.

7. Trong Dong

Restaurant, Vietnamese

Trong Dong Restaurant is a local eatery along Phan Đình Phùng street that looks like it’s nothing special. The tables have simple plaid tablecloths, generic paintings hang on the walls and the space looks a little worn out, giving it a very low-key atmosphere. But it is the food that puts Trong Dong on this list. Priced at 65,000 VND ($2.78 USD) upwards, you will find an excellent menu including spring rolls, to venison topped with peanuts and herbs, and stir-fried beef with vegetables. Service is quick, portions are large and prices extremely affordable. Located just a 15-minute walk from the market, it makes a great lunch stop after exploring the city.

8. Restaurant Ichi

Restaurant, Japanese

International dining options in Dalat are rare
© Restaurant Ichi / Facebook

For a little taste of Japan, head over to Restaurant Ichi. The menu is small, giving chefs the breathing space to prepare food to perfection. Make sure to order a generous selection of dishes such as the edamame, katsudon and the spicy tuna rolls. Despite being a little on the pricey side, it’s worth the splurge. Reservations are advised as the place can get quite full. Choose to sit downstairs – you’ll have front row seats to watch the chefs in action.

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