Quirky Themed Cafés You Need to Visit in Ho Chi Minh City

Playing with a snake at Babo Cafe |Courtesy of Janice Lau
Playing with a snake at Babo Cafe |Courtesy of Janice Lau
Looking for a life less ordinary? Reptile cuddling, being frozen, a drink in a shipping container…quirky-themed cafés have never been so popular in Ho Chi Minh City. Here is the round-up of the most unusual and eccentric places to visit.

Coffee House Vietnam

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Vietnamese, Tea , $$$
The sea-themed room at Coffee House Vietnam
The sea-themed room at Coffee House Vietnam | Courtesy of TIẾN MẠNH

As if the air conditioners are not sufficient to cool off the heat of Ho Chi Minh City, Coffee House Vietnam decided to fill its floor with 15-centimeter-thick white sand for more of a beach vibe. Each floor is themed with the beach and forest, equipped with the sound of sea waves or bird singing. Nothing beats the relaxation of losing your shoes and wiggling your toes deep into the sand while having a drink.

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Wheel House Cafe

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Packed with car-related memorabilia, Wheel House Cafe is the perfect hub for a car enthusiast. It’s easy to echo the nostalgic feeling while browsing around the classical car display, posters of ancient car models, and car-themed vintage posters. The owner also incorporates car component parts into the majority of the cafe’s furniture, creating a nice blend of retro and contemporary.

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ICE Coffee

Cafe, Vietnamese, $$$
Ice Coffee
Ice Coffee | Courtesy of CURLY

Can you imagine you’re in a freezing cafe while it’s 35 °C degrees outside? Head to Ice Coffee whose interior décor is made entirely of carved ice with frosty seats and tables covered in fur and lit with neon blue fluorescent lights. Guests are kitted out with thermal jackets, fur hats, and gloves by the café.

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Babo Cafe

Cafe, Vietnamese
Babo Cafe
Babo Cafe | Courtesy of Lâm Lê Khánh Hảo

For those who want more than just the average cat or dog-themed café, there is a new choice in town—the first reptile-themed cafe. Babo Cafe is home to more than ten cold-blooded reptilian friends including snakes, lizards, frogs, and turtles, all very well trained and tamed.

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Du Mien Garden Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, Vietnamese, $$$
Du Mien Garden Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | © Cindy Phan

Escape the traffic-and-chaos-choked Ho Chi Minh City at a spacious eco-friendly garden café tucked away in a small alley in a residential area. Don’t be put off by the kitsch and the local crowds, Du Mien Garden is a real treasure for a relaxing retreat with its vast collection of trees, waterfalls, and ponds. The highlight is, however, a tree house built around the trunks of the sturdy fir tree, looking over the refreshing and greenery surroundings.

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Container Cafe

Cafe, Vietnamese, Tea , Vegetarian

Housed in two converted shipping containers with views of the river from its open side, Container Cafe is a cool, trendy spot that attracts local photography groups and some young people with quirky styles. The café is prettily decked out with its collection of furniture made out of motorcycle tires, repainted tanks, and barrel hoops.

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