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The Commons
The Commons | © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson
Kelly Iverson

The Commons, or Thonglor’s backyard, is first a community, then a mall. The first thing visitors see at The Commons is a sign encouraging them to create ideas, values, and memories at the open-air mall. Bangkok’s newest hangout is bursting with creative new ways to bring people together. It has a restaurant dedicated to children, a top yard where visitors can plant utilize their gardening skills, and more. While the communal spaces are amazing and the concept noteworthy, we go to The Commons for the food. Why? Vegetarians and carnivores can both enjoy a delicious meal together. Fitness gurus and those who indulge in everything and anything will both find appealing dishes. The Commons has so many food options to choose from. Italian, barbecue, breakfast, desserts: you name it, The Commons has it. The most difficult part of your entire endeavor will be to simply pick which restaurant you want to chow down at. Do not let its sheer number of choices overwhelm you. Here are the best places to dine at The Commons.

Meat & Bones

Creamy, buttery mashed potatoes, cornbread, melt-off -the bone ribs … is your mouth watering yet? If so, head on down to Meat & Bones at The Commons. The pitmaster’s menu serves up beef and pork ribs and even a pork rib burger. Its meticulous roasting method ensures all of its meat receives tender love and care. Some of their menu items take up to 12 hours to cook. In Asia, and in all of Thailand, coming across a menu like the one at Meat & Bones is a rare find. If you find yourself craving any of these dishes, you will be hard-pressed to find them elsewhere.

Meat & Bones, +66 081 933 7143

Meat & Bones

The Beer Cap

Feeling thirsty? Make your way to The Beer Cap for a drink. Find beers from around the globe at this cool, bottle cap covered bar. The Beer Cap has lagers and pilsners. It also has wheat and fruit beer. These beverages range anywhere from ฿150-690, the most expensive beer being an 8 wired double coffee brown ale.

The Beer Cap, + 66 02 185 2517

The Beer Cap


If you are looking for something non-alcoholic and with some nutritional value, stop by Twist. You can choose from one of their cold pressed juices or 100 percent natural smoothies. While you can find smoothies on many of the sois (streets) of Bangkok, none of them hold a candle to what Twist is concocting at The Commons. You will have trouble deciding which smoothie you want. For coffee lovers, we recommend the Coffee Cocoa Crunch. This smoothie is made with fresh coffee beans from Roots, the coffee shop right next to Twist. This is mixed with cinnamon, banana, and coconut. If you are looking for something a bit sweeter, opt for Twist’s Berry Passionate Smoothie. Smoothies start at ฿100 (about $3).

Twist, +66 02 185 2798


Absolute Fit Food

Clean eating has never tasted so good. Absolute Fit Food is serving up gourmet healthy food for food lovers, made with premium ingredients including hormone-free meats and organic rice. Enjoy Absolute Fit Food without worrying about what it is you are putting in your body, with food that is free of chemicals and preservatives.

Absolute Fit Food, +66 091 872 0885

Absolute Fit Food

Barrio Bonito

Barrio Bonito is one of the best Mexican cuisine restaurants in town. It has vegetarian options, delicious margaritas, a stellar menu and many antojitos (little cravings) to choose from. Start your off meal with one of our favorite antojitos, the Doraditos de guacamole. Fresh, crunchy tortilla cones are stuffed with Barrio Bonito’s signature, melt in your mouth guacamole. It is then lightly sprinkled with just the right amount of pomegranate seeds. The two make for a delicious starter, making you wish more of them came in the adorable egg carton they are served in. Barrio Bonito has another location in Koh Chang.

Barrio Bonito, +66 080 092 8208

Dishes at Barrio Bonito

Egg My God

Speaking of eggs, let’s make our way to Egg My God. Egg-lovers will not be able to contain their excitement for this restaurant seemingly dedicated just to them. Egg My God offers entrees including egg in the jar, which is a slow-cooked egg served with mixed mushrooms and breadcrumbs for ฿140 (about $4). They also have egg salad, egg hamburgers, and really any other egg combination you could possibly imagine.

Egg My God, +66 02 713 5950

Egg My God

Gourmet Gallery

Finish off your meal with one of Gourmet Gallery’s sweet desserts. Never has such an assortment of treats been in one place at the same time. From brownies to cakes to pies, you will have trouble selecting just one as your mind reels from all of the delicious options. We suggest trying the chocolate raspberry brownie. You can also purchase these goodies in one of the special gift boxes. You can get up to 12 brownies in one gift box, which costs‎ ฿1,020 (about $30). Entire cakes start at‎ ฿850 (about $24).

Gourmet Gallery, +66 080 445 8888

Wide Array of Treats at Gourmet Gallery

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