The 10 Best Bars in Singburi, Thailand

Singha beer and peanuts
Singha beer and peanuts | © Yngvar Johnsen / Flickr
Sarah Williams

While central Thailand’s rural province of Singburi definitely isn’t a nightlife destination, that doesn’t mean you won’t find fun places to enjoy a few drinks and a laugh. Many local bars feature live music and the remote location means you can experience an authentic Thai night scene, away from the tourist crowds. Here are the best to visit.

1. House of Party

Bar, American, Thai

© SteFou! / Flickr

Often abbreviated to HOP, House of Party is a relatively swanky bar in Singburi. There’s a large outdoor seating area, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and string lights, and a live band or singer often adds to the ambience. Ask a member of staff for insect repellent if the mosquitoes pester you! The drinks menu features a large selection of international beers and spirits, and the food menu has typical Thai fare and a few western dishes. If you really fall in love with the bar they also sell a range of merchandise, mainly comprising t-shirts with their logo. The bar is located at the Chaisaeng Villa Hotel.

2. Money Pub

Bar, Thai

Money Pub
© Sarah Williams

The closest that Singburi has to a nightclub, the Money Pub is a large bar with live music and a DJ. Comedians sometimes make a brief appearance too, though their material is in Thai, and it’s common for young female dancers to gyrate and grind on the stage. There’s a small cover charge, but this does include a drink. There’s no need to go up to the bar to order another drink; the establishment provides table service. Unlike western nightclubs, there isn’t much of a dancefloor; if you want to dance you’ll need to do it next to your table. Nights here can be raucous, but they can also be somewhat tame; it all depends on the atmosphere and the crowd. The dress code is very relaxed.

3. Stardio Community Mall

Bar, Thai

Pool balls
© Marco Verch / Flickr
Stardio Community Mall is a funky Singburi bar with spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas. The complex uses recycled shipping containers for its buildings, with containers stacked on top of each other and some with entire sides of glass. It’s certainly a unique concept for Singburi. The bar has a pool table and serves a range of food and drinks. Fairy lights adorn the trees and coloured lights help to create a rather magical effect. A live band sometimes performs so grab an ice-cold Thai beer and enjoy a chilled-out evening.

4. Reverie Cafe

Bar, American, Thai

Gin and tonic
© Sarah Williams

Don’t be fooled by the name—Reverie Cafe is one of Singburi town‘s liveliest evening night spots. Located opposite the river and part of the Chaisaeng Palace Hotel, the establishment is a cafe-cum-restaurant by day and a bar at night. You can sit indoors in air-conditioned comfort or grab a table outside next to the water features. A live band often performs outside in the evenings, singing a range of songs in Thai and English. There’s a good selection of drinks, including draught beer and beer towers, and the food menu has Thai meals along with a few western staples.

5. Tumnan Maung

Bar, Thai

Singha beer
© kurokayo / Flickr

Tumnan Maung is an independent bar along Singburi’s river road. A relaxed and laidback dive bar, it is popular with locals and expats alike. There’s a water feature at the front and pavement seating or tables and chairs inside. The music is often loud. Order a beer or cocktail and browse the Thai food menu if you’re feeling peckish.

6. Je T'Aime

Bar, Thai

© Roderick Eime / Flickr

Je T’Aime is a cafe, restaurant, and bar with something a bit different—it has a swimming pool too! Although the pool is closed in the evenings, drinking next to the water with the lights reflecting off the surface adds a pleasant touch to your night out. You can also sit inside the elegant white building. There’s a selection of Thai and international beers as well as other alcoholic and soft drinks. Food-wise, the bar dishes up a selection of typical Thai meals, all beautifully presented.

7. Yipzee Bar

Bar, Thai

Yipzee Bar in Singburi
© Sarah Williams

An old-fashioned country-style bar, Yipzee Bar is one of Singburi’s most popular bars. Also known as Gypsy Bar, it draws a wide crowd, from people dressed up in their fancy clothes, to those who’ve just knocked off work and headed straight to the bar. Dusty buffalo skulls hang from the walls and the interiors are dark. Seating is also available outside. There’s often a live band. There’s a basic selection of drinks, with the staples of beer and Thai whisky, as well as a few meal options.

8. 3 Country

Bar, Thai

© Sarah Williams

Recently refurbished, 3 Country has an unusual Cowboy and Indian theme. There’s lots of seating inside, with sturdy wooden tables and benches, as well as outdoor seating on a raised deck. A band often plays in the evenings. You can indulge in a selection of Thai food as well as beer and Thai whisky. The bar is rarely crowded.

9. Ban Suan Mae La Ka Rong

Bar, Restaurant, Thai

© Sarah Williams

Although primarily a relaxed restaurant, Ban Suan Mae La Ka Rong is also a laidback place to enjoy a few drinks and snacks while surrounded by nature. Rice fields sit to the side of the establishment, while a small river runs in front of it. Raised off the ground on stilts, the bar provides great views of the surroundings. There are small swings throughout the bar, and the different seating areas make it easy to find somewhere cosy for an intimate chat. There’s a large karaoke room as well as several smaller rooms where you and your friends can sing your hearts out. Drinks are the Thai basics of beers and whisky, and the bar is known for the local speciality of the Mae La catfish.

10. Rabeagnam

Bar, Restaurant, Thai

Leo beer, Thailand
© James Cridland / Flickr

Rabeagnam is a charming and chilled-out restaurant-cum-bar alongside the banks of the Mae Nam Noi river. Located in Bang Rachan district, it’s close to the boundary between Singburi and Chainat provinces. Serving a selection of Thai fare, such as fried rice, pork with holy basil, and chicken with cashew nuts, you can also enjoy an iced glass of beer as you soak up the views and unwind.

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