Where to Find the Best Taiwanese Meatballs in Taipei

Meatball soup
Meatball soup | © Hadge / Wikimedia
Ciaran McEneaney

While Taipei 101 and the many beautiful temples of Taipei are often the most popular tourist attractions in the city, there are plenty of tourists that make a beeline for the nearest meatball restaurant. But rather than take a chance on any old place, try one of these three places which are considered the best of the best by the locals.

1. Su Hung Restaurant

Restaurant, Chinese

Lions Head Meatballs
© MCB / Wikimedia

A little different from our first two options, Su Hung Restaurant offers more comfortable surroundings to relax and enjoy your meatballs in. Their menu is quite extensive, and the portions of all dishes on the menu are extremely generous.

But most importantly, the meatballs are said to be like gifts from the culinary gods. Their specialty is the Lion’s Head meatball with cabbage and the vast majority of regulars won’t eat meatballs anywhere else. For Taiwanese meatballs the way they’re supposed to be served, this is the best place in the city.

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