7 Cocktails You Can Make With Arrack, the Sri Lankan Coconut Spirit

The dark and broody Kandy cocktail
The dark and broody Kandy cocktail | © Courtesy of Ceylon Arrack

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Arrack is an alcoholic spirit made from the fermented sap of the coconut flower. Cultivation of this ambrosia is done by famous toddy tappers who climb coconuts and cross from one to another via a maze of ropes. Any Arrack connoisseur will tell you the best Arrack in Sri Lanka is Ceylon Arrack. Here we share some delectable cocktails and punches for you to recreate.

Arrack cocktails can either be reinventions of classics or completely new creations. This coconut spirit is best paired with fruits and other light spirits, and is also a great mixer for all sorts of punch. Ceylon Arrack is exported internationally and has been used in creative cocktail recipes all over Europe.


Winner of the Manchester Arrack Trail, Tusker is a creation of bartender Chris Pollard. A mix of lime, peach bitters and egg whites, this cocktail is served in a wide glass topped with a rich foam. To make this cocktail you’ll need a shaker!

Tusker cocktail topped with a bit of mint


In Sinhala, Aliya means Elephant. The Aliya cocktail is a classic, as ancient as the old kings of Sri Lanka. The main mixer in this cocktail is fresh coconut water or coconut water cubes. If you aren’t into coconut water you can replace it with a classic ginger ale.

Classic Arrack cocktail with coconut water


The Kandy Arrack cocktail is perfect as an after dinner drink. Mixed with creme de cacao, Frangelico, vanilla and a twist of orange. This cocktail was created by Luca Cordiglieri in London and is a regular on the menu at China Tang in the Dorchester Hotel.

The dark and broody Kandy cocktail

Island Currency

With a base of muddled pineapple and paprika syrup, the Island Currency is rich and tropical with a twist. Created by Anne Laure Groubert at the Callooh Callay, this drink will delight any day on the beach.

Tropical and sweet, Island Currency

Toddy Tapper’s Punch

Arrack is a great mixer for punch. The Toddy Tapper’s Punch is a celebration of Sri Lanka. The toddy tapper’s are the brave artisans that climb coconut trees to harvest the coconut flower sap. This cocktail is an ode to them and the tea they drink after they day is over.

The Toddy Tapper’s Punch has the color of tea

Milk Punch

Even though it takes hours to macerate, it’s worth the wait. Lots of spices and seeds together with arrack, rum and brandy, create a spiced punch that is later finished off with cold milk and a dash of lime poured over ice.

This punch is worth the wait for a spiced finish

Ruby Punch

Adapted from a recipe from way back in 1862, the ruby punch has tea, lime and port. A strong powerful red that will elevate the senses.

Dark and deep red punch with a twist

Apart from all these avant-garde cocktails, Ceylon Arrack also mixes great with ginger ale, ginger beer and cola. Generally, locals drink arrack with chilled coconut juice inside actual coconut.

Which kind of Arrack cocktail would you like to try?

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