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© Soham Banerjee/Flickr
© Soham Banerjee/Flickr
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The Best 8 Cafés In Bugis In Singapore

Picture of Prianka Ghosh
Updated: 9 February 2017
Singapore’s Bugis neighborhood, sometimes also referred to as Kampong Glam, is hipster paradise. Bali Lane and Haji Lane are home to an array of cute cafés, chic boutiques, trendy salons and even a vintage barber. When you’re tired of shopping and you’ve had your hair cut, it’s hard to decide which of Bugis’ many cafés to try for an artisan coffee and brunch, so we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite Bugis cafés to give a helping hand.

Hyde & Co

Hyde & Co is an English café best known for its extensive artisan tea menu. And if you’ve overslept on a Saturday or Sunday after a night out, you’ll be happy to know that they serve an all-day brunch until 5pm at the weekend. When you first step into Hydo&Co’s narrow shophouse, you’ll notice their motto on the wall; ‘You can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea and it’s kind of the same thing.’ The café features minimalist decor in mostly black and whites. With items ranging from Crawfish Truffle Mac & Cheese to a build your own breakfast, everyone in your group is sure to find something that suits their palate.

📍785 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198753, +65 6635 5785

Mmmmm truffle Mac and cheese with crawfish. #nomnomnom

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CAD Café

CAD café is located near the Beach Road end of Haji Lane, where Arab Street connects it to Bali Lane, and although its shopfront is tiny, it’s hard to miss the blue, white and orange street art when you walk past it. Inside, there is usually a rotating photography display and on the menu, you’ll find fair trade coffee from around the world, a selection of snacks and mains, and even a few brewdog craft beers on offer.

📍23 Haji Lane, Singapore 189216

Tolido’s Espresso Nook

Tolido’s Espresso Nook is currently celebrating its 3 year anniversary, but this cosy café is still relatively unknown in Bugis’ crowded café scene. Something that sets Tolido’s apart from many other cafés is its pricing. Unlike other haunts that charge $20+ for mains, the majority of Tolido’s main dishes are around $10, such as the BLT club sandwich and the triple-cheese baked penne. To celebrate its birthday, Tolido’s is giving away one free coffee per person with a Facebook coupon until October 1st, when you order a black or white takeaway coffee.

📍#01-63, 462 Crawford Ln, Singapore 190462 +65 6648 0178

Rosti + Smoked Salmon = ❤️

A photo posted by Tolido's Espresso Nook (@tolidosnook) on

OMB! Café

Playing on the ubiquitous exclamation “omg!”, OMB! stands for “Oh my bacon!”. This café is bacon-themed, and it’s everywhere. From the pasta carbonara or mushroom soup, to the very, very unexpected combinations of sweet and savory in ice cream with bacon bits, whiskey-infused bacon jam and chocolate covered bacon. Probably a place best avoided if you’re traveling with vegetarians, but otherwise this is a gimmick we are more than ready to eat up.

📍7 Dunlop St, Singapore 209337 +65 6635 2633


Looking for a café that serves delectable Mexican food at affordable prices, and is popular for local musicians to drop in and play a set? Look no further than Afterwit, brought to you by the guys behind Arab Street café. They say they started by opening yet another eggs benedict and waffles brunch place, but after feeling uninspired they decided to serve the food they wanted to eat. A few weeks later they were serving gourmet tacos with their artisan coffee – for anyone who’s been out the night before, what’s not to love?

📍778 North Bridge Road, Singapore, 198746, +65 6299 3508

Kick off your weekends with our popular Cajun Chicken Taco! What better way to celebrate TGIF? 🎉 #afterwitsg

A photo posted by Afterwit SG (@afterwitsg) on

The Lab SG

The Lab SG is an experimental Halal and vegan-friendly café serving up Western and European fare. The aesthetics are meant to evoke the sense of an underground laboratory, with beakers and exposed copper pipes making up the decor. In an attempt to lure fans of the show, the café even has a Breaking Bad-themed menu with the famous ‘heisenburger’, a beef patty burger with turkey bacon and blue cheese. For vegans, the café offers several mushroom burgers such as the porto peanut and porta heurta. Some of the experimental drinks are even served in beakers, often with vials or syringes for patrons to add sugar or milk to their beverages.

📍1 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199069


Artistry is a café and gallery in one. With minimalist decor, so not to distract patrons, whether they’re enjoying their latte art, or the art on the walls, Artistry is a dream for people who like their spaces orderly. The café serves up your standard range of coffees but if you’re feeling peckish, their delicious chili crab burger is not to be missed. In the evenings, the café holds poetry readings and musical performances a few times a week.

📍17 Sungai Pinang, Singapore 199149, +65 6298 2420

ARC Café

ARC Café is different from others because it serves up knowledge, as well as coffee. The title stands for ‘academy, roastery and café’. The café is owned by John Ryan Ting, who has been repeatedly recognized as one of the top baristas in Singapore. Classes offered by the café cover a range of subjects such as latte art, and learning to appreciate different flavors in coffee. Besides the regular coffee menu, ARC cafe offers a full brunch menu, as well as larger main courses for lunch or dinner.

📍29 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198477 +65 6291 6863

This mural painting is 😍😍😍 #arccafe #muralpainting #vscocam #sgcafe

A photo posted by Patricia | Yoke Lin (@patricia_yokelin) on