Here's Why Singapore is The Most Welcoming Country in the World

Hello Singapore! | © Patrick Foto / Shutterstock
Hello Singapore! | © Patrick Foto / Shutterstock
Photo of Sadali Mawi
4 January 2018

Despite being commonly referred to as the “Fine City”, it might come as a surprise to many that Singapore was recently ranked as the most welcoming country in the world!

According to a study conducted by TravelBird (in conjunction with World Cities Day), Singapore ranked first out of the world’s top 500 tourist destinations based on factors that make visitors feel welcomed. These factors include the quality of a country’s entry points (airports, train stations etc.), language proficiency and the local’s openness to hosting tourists.

First impressions count

Singapore was ranked highest when it came to ports of entry. With the recent opening of Changi Airport Terminal 4 and its host of entertainment and food options, it is no surprise that visitors feel right at home the moment they touchdown in Singapore.

Iconic Teardrop Installation In Changi Airport | © TinoM/ Flickr

You can always crash on a couch in Singapore

Singaporeans also ranked highly when it came to the number of hosts available on websites like, revealing just how open locals are to tourists. If visitors are lucky they might even land a host that can take them to local hangouts. In addition to personal hosts, the country also offers a wide variety of hotels, from luxury resorts to artsy boutique hotels.

Local Tour Guide in Singapore | © Naval Surface Warriors/ Flickr

Minimising language barriers

In Singapore, English is considered the country’s main language, which is great news for many travelers from Western countries that are afraid of facing language barriers. So don’t bother downloading that Google Translate app—Singapore’s got you covered.

Friendly Hawker Stall Owners in Singapore | © British Council Singapore/ Flickr

A lot of tourists tend to leave Singapore with a rather convincing grasp on Singlish. This colloquial language borrows phrases and nuances mostly from Hokkien and Malay dialects, and then weaves them into English sentences. Stay long enough and you might just learn how to order a cup of coffee like a local.

Safety measures

With a low track record for street violence, along with strict laws on drug and alcohol consumption, Singapore is one of the safest countries to visit in the world. The city-state ranks 8.95 out of 10.00 for safety in the TravelBird study.

Satay Stalls Come Alive At Night in Singapore | © Joan Campderros-i-Canas/ Flickr

With an excellent airport, vast accommodation options and a emphasis on safety—not to mention a rich cultural heritage—it’s no wonder Singapore remains a top destination for tourists all over the world.

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