What To Wear When Travelling in The Philippines

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In a country like the Philippines where there are only two seasons, namely wet and dry season, the weather tends to be unpredictable. Some parts of the archipelago experience rains and typhoons even during the country’s supposed dry season. If you’re considering traveling to the Philippines anytime soon, you might want to prepare yourself (and pack clothes) for both seasons.

For most travelers, it’s protocol to check the weather or season in a foreign country they’ll be heading to. For them, it’s a way to know which areas to avoid and which ones should be visited on a brighter, sunny day on their intended travel dates. But, for the Philippines, it’s a different protocol.

Dry and wet season

Mt. Pinatubo Crater lake, Capas, Philippines

While foreigners generally think of the Philippines as a summer destination because of its numerous unspoiled beaches, the country has actually two seasons – the dry and wet seasons. Dry season is experienced during the months of late November until May whereas locals get a taste of rainfall during the months of June until October. That’s the ideal set-up but that’s not always the case.

You might want to avoid the wet season because usually, that’s the time when typhoons strike. However, occasional typhoons also occur outside of the typhoon season. Which is why both local and foreign travelers should be prepared to endure the scorching heat of one afternoon and bring a compact travel umbrella in case the rain falls in the next hour or two.

Hence, if you’re traveling to the Philippines, you’ll want to wear (and pack) clothes depending on the place you’re heading to.


Woman on a tour in Palawan, Philippines

The Philippine archipelago is studded with some of the world’s most amazing beaches in the world. And one’s adventure in the country is incomplete without visiting one of the country’s best destinations such as Siargao, Boracay, and Palawan. It’s definitely a must to bring versatile swimwear and as beaches are expected to have warmer weather, it’s advised that you wear clothes made of natural fibers such as silk, cotton, or linen for you to handle the heat and humidity.

Apart from the country’s wondrous beaches, it’s also home to mountainous terrains and dense forests that both seasoned and newbie hikers would love! If one wants to experience the ultimate adventure in this country, better to have long-sleeved, quick-dry clothes, waterproof or breathable trousers, and sturdy yet comfortable footwear in case you’d want to go island-hopping or hiking.

If you’ll be visiting historical landmarks in open spaces or would want to try your haggling skills at bargain stalls on the street, light casual clothes made of breathable fabrics are the best kinds to wear.


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When visiting indoor attractions such as museums, temples, or colonial churches, there are instances wherein the place requires one to observe proper clothing. This means that anyone who’s wearing any type of shorts and flip-flops may be denied entry. Just to be safe and sure, it’s best to wear a casual top paired with a knee-length skirt or loose-fitting pants. It’s also ideal clothing you’d want to wear should you need to walk outside or if you’d like to ride on the country’s famous calesa or horse-drawn calash.

Of course, it’s different if you’d go shopping or strolling inside malls. You’re definitely allowed to wear anything you want but take note that the Philippines is a bit conservative. While shorter skirts and sleeves are acceptable as compared to its neighboring countries, you wouldn’t want to draw too much attention.


Whether you’re up for an outdoor adventure in the country or would prefer the indoor museums that give a peek of the country’s rich culture, it’s a must to have these essentials wherever you go: sunscreen, an umbrella, a hat or cap, and a travel jacket. That way, you’re ready in case there’s a sudden change in temperature and/or weather.

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