This Couple Found the Secret to Managing a Long-Distance Relationship

© Andreas Rønningen / Unsplash
© Andreas Rønningen / Unsplash
Newlyweds Rob and Joli Switzer met in 2010 at a party for travellers in the Philippines. After a few years of friendship, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and soon found a sure-fire way to make the long distance work for them.

Instead of using any free time they had to visit one another in their respective hometowns, the ‘wanderlustful’ couple chose a different spot around the world to meet each time they were able to take time off.

In every place they met, Rob and Joli took a photo together in a signature pose they call the ‘dipkiss’.

Documenting their adventures on Instagram, they claim to be ‘taking on the world, one dipkiss at a time’ and it is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

Long distance no more, Rob proposed in Moscow, Russia. The couple then married this year, proving that a long-distance relationship can be fruitful if you find a way to make it work for you.

OK, so anyone care to dipkiss?