11 Filipino Instagrammers You Should Follow Right Now

Image Courtesy of Jeremy Levin / Pexels
Image Courtesy of Jeremy Levin / Pexels | Image Courtesy of Jeremy Levin / Pexels
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Writer4 January 2018

Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your #OOTD (outfit of the day), finding amusing posts that will ease up your mood, or stalking your favorite celebrity, no doubt that you’ll head to your Instagram account. Check out these 11 Filipino Instagrammers whose posts will make you tap the heart button, write a comment, repost, or take a screenshot to send to your friends so they’ll be in the know too!

Paolo Ballesteros

Known to have captured the attention of famous Hollywood celebrities, Paolo Ballesteros regularly posts photos of his makeup transformations. He has previously copied the looks of Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot in the recent film), Jennifer Lawrence, and Angelina Jolie to name a few. You’ll definitely be amazed at how this host and actor can successfully pull off such different looks.

Bretman Rock

Apart from being a Youtube star, Bretman Rock isn’t your ordinary makeup/beauty guru. This Ilocano-born male who’s currently living in Hawaii made his own mark by featuring makeup tutorials and combining it with his distinct humor. Heincredibly funny. If you’re not yet following him, you should now.

Kim Jones

The beautiful wife of Filipino actor Jericho Rosales shows how she’s passionate about travel, style, and fashion on her Instagram feed. Kim Jones, a digital creative and fashion influencer in Southeast Asia will inspire you to visit the place’s she has been to and discover new fashion styles. She creatively poses for the camera and captures the beauty of any place she visits. You’ll find yourself scrolling through her feed to see more of what she does.

Not above the pursuit of snail mucin 🐌

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Pepe Diokno

Take a peek on how this internationally acclaimed film director sees the world. Mostly a mix of monochrome and colorful shots, his feed shares thought-provoking art, portraits, and images of his travels abroad. See a different perspective and take a cue on how you’ll capture your next Instagram photo.

Duomo arigato, Mr. Diokno #selfie

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Erwan Heusaff

Erwan Heusaff doesn’t deny that he used to be a fat kid — his blog was even named after this experience, calling it thefatkidinside.com. As a way to inspire others, Erwan communicates through his blog and his Instagram feed to inspire others to take the health and fitness journey he decided to take. Aside from food and fitness, Erwan’s feed also shows his passion for travels and features his adventures with long-term girlfriend-now-wife Anne Curtis.


For drool-worthy and hunger-inducing photos, check out the Instagram feed of Tenthousandspoon. Each food is perfectly-lit and captured in a way that it’s already appetizing to look at. This Filipino food instagrammer loves to take photos of Filipino delicacies and cuisine. So whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned cook, or a food lover, Tenthousandspoon will surely satisfy those “food porn” cravings!

Camille Co

For a daily dose of strikingly beautiful Instagram photos and #OOTDs, you better follow Filipino blogger Camille Co’s Instagram account. Her crisp and colorful photos will definitely serve as an inspiration for your feed goals. Aside from sporting her fashion statements, you’ll also find joy (and inspiration) in her travel photos.

Abbey Sy

For art, nature, and travel inspirations, artist and best-selling author Abbey Sy won’t disappoint you for her Instagram feed. She regularly posts daily musings, snippets, and of course, her works in calligraphy. Her double-tap worthy photos will make you want to take up calligraphy or painting anytime soon.

Kris Aquino

Although there a famous Filipino celebrity and talk show host Kris Aquino, the Kris Aquino we’re talking about captures the beauty of a place beautifully — with just the right amount of exposure and saturation. Describing herself as a wanderer and explorer of the world, Kris regularly takes photos of her travels and will make you wish you were in such place too.

Jason Magbanua

If you’ve watched (and adored) his game-changer wedding videos, there’s no doubt that you’ll love his Instagram feed. This renowned videographer mostly posts photos of his travels, daily life situations, and artistic shows that will make you take a second look. Following Jason Magbanua’s account will definitely add exquisite beauty from the usual posts of accounts you typically follow.

Breakfast anyone? 👆🏻more in my Stories. #cappadocia #kapadokya

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Angel Juarez

And if you want to see the beauty of the Philippines and constantly looking for the next beach to visit within the country, Angel Juarez or Lakwatsero will definitely inspire you where to go for your next out-of-town trip. His posts will make you wonder if such a place even exists in the country — it does of course! This part-time traveler surely knows the whereabouts of the hidden gems of the Philippines.