The Coolest Airbnbs in Penang, Malaysia

Georgetown Sunrise Seaview
Georgetown Sunrise Seaview | © Airbnb
Photo of Michelle Leong
6 June 2018

Penang has the best laksa, best char koay teow, and frankly the best Airbnb homes in northern Peninsula Malaysia. Whether you’re in town for a few days or few weeks, these 10 homes will make you wonder why you’re not staying even longer.

Modern Triple / Quad / Family Studio Room

Map View
Interior of Modern Triple/ Quad Family Studio Room
Modern Triple / Quad Family Studio Room | © Airbnb

This quirky, artistic loft is located at the heart of George Town, where colonial architecture, 3D museums, and little streets filled with wall art, abound. This room is so spacious and stylish that you’ll be forgiven for not realizing it’s actually an old restored townhouse, part of the heritage circle in town. It’s large enough to house five people, or a small family, and those who fancy a nice warm shower at the end of the day will enjoy the built-in radio shower system.

The Shophouse Studio in George Town

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Interior of The shophouse
The Shophouse | © Airbnb

This converted old shophouse is one of the few places in town where you’ll be able to wake up to the sounds of chirping birds, the ringing of a temple bell, and the smell of freshly baked bread. Not convinced? Maybe the air well, replete with potted plants and glass doors, will make you reconsider. The host is a writer who has authored her own travel book, so she knows what she’s doing.

George Town Sunrise Seaview Seafront Duplex

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Living Room Area of Georgetown Sunrise Seaview
Georgetown Sunrise Seaview | © Airbnb

If you like sea views, pool views, and Penang Hill views, this duplex suite does it all with a touch of urban class. Luxuriously spacious, and spanning a ground floor and mezzanine floor, this apartment-style loft can host up to eight guests at any given time. Restaurants are super close by, and you can ask the host for recommendations. The heritage George Town is about 10 minutes away by car.

Tien 186 - Master Suite

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Interior of Tien 186
Tien 186 | © Airbnb

What happens when you combine the contemporary and the historic? Walls with brick elements, bathrooms with traditional Peranakan tiles, and round mirrors with fancy backlighting—this room is what happens, basically. Local food vendors and stalls are nearby, so whenever you need a nosh, you need not look (or walk) far.

VIVIENNE | Amazing Cosy Seaview Home

Map View

Tastefully designed and generous in size, this loft can accommodate up to 10 guests. Complete with access to a gym, infinity pool, and your very own kitchenette, this place is practically a five-star self-service hotel. Parking lots are also available for those who arrive with a car; restaurants, bars, and convenience stores are close by. The downtown area is about 10 minutes away by car.

KOZIE | Waterfront City Duplex Suite @ George Town

Map View
Interior of Kozie's Place
Kozie | © Airbnb

Located along the Karpal Singh promenade, this roomy duplex suite can accommodate up to eight guests. Furnishings are modern, including a smart TV and a washing machine, and bedrooms are equipped with bath towels, hair dryers, and steam irons. You’ll have access to an indoor gym and swimming pool, and if you feel like a midnight snack or drink, restaurants and bars are nearby.

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  • The Panorama @ George Town

    Map View
    View from The Panorama
    The Panorama | © Airbnb

    Here’s another one located along Karpal Singh drive. Designed with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, and fitted with minimalist furniture and green potted plants, this home offers you an extensive view of sun and sea deserving of its titular designation, with a breath of green. Restaurants, convenience stores, and coffee shops abound.

    Contemporary Heritage Suite-Hideaway

    Boutique Hotel
    Map View
    Interior of Contemporary Heritage Suite
    Contemporary Heritage Suite | © Airbnb

    A stylish boutique residence at the heart of George Town, this suite is close to everything you’ll want to see in the UNESCO town—wall art, food vendors, heritage sites, as well as trending bars, cafes, and restaurants. Hosted by MangoTreePlace, the suite itself features a four-poster bed, modern graphic art, and button-backed chairs, with access to two lovely internal courtyards.

    Spectacular View

    Map View
    Balcony area of Spectacular View
    Spectacular View | © Airbnb

    Located in Tanjung Bungah, this gorgeous home will offer you a city and sea view of suburban Penang. Facilities include a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and indoor gym. You’ll be living with the host, who lives in one of the rooms. Heritage George Town is an easy 15 minutes away by car.

    Urban Designer Deluxe Room

    Map View
    Room Interior of Urban Designer Deluxe
    Urban Designer Deluxe | © Airbnb

    Located in central George Town, this home blends contemporary and traditional interior design for a very à la mode feel. Pendant lights, sliding glass doors, walls with brick elements and ornamental designs, furniture reminiscent of 1920s China—all of it contributes to this home’s tasteful artistic ambience. Temples, museums, cafes, bars, and food courts are all within walking distance.