The Best Kaiten Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

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Alicia Joy

Tokyo Writer

When you think of fast food, sushi isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. These kaiten sushi, or kaiten-zushi, restaurants in Tokyo are doing their best to make delicious sushi at a price anyone can afford.

1. Pintokona

Restaurant, Sushi

Pintokona blends quality sushi with the kaiten style of serving. Choose your dishes from the conveyor or put in a request with the chefs. There’s no tablet here, but with both Chinese and English menus to help out, the servers will be happy to assist you in placing any special orders.

2. Kura Sushi

Restaurant, Sushi

Kura Sushi
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Kura Sushi offers a super modern kaiten sushi experience. There’s an option to order via tablet, with a game for every five plates you eat. They also have lots of fishless options on the menu, meaning everyone is bound to find something they enjoy.

3. Numazoko Sushi Bar

Restaurant, Sushi

One of Ginza’s most affordable options when it comes to sushi is Numazoko Sushi Bar. The multilingual menu makes it easy to order if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the belt.

4. Hibari

Restaurant, Sushi

A great option nestled in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho, Hibari offers a lot of unique styles of sushi, all for the same flat rate.

5. Kaisen Misakiko

Restaurant, Sushi

Kaisen Misakiko
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Experience the quintessential tablet ordering experience at Kaisen Misakiko. The place gets busy during lunchtime, but it’s worth the wait if you find yourself in the area.

6. Toriton

Restaurant, Sushi

Toriton hails from Hokkaido. They’ve opened up a branch in the Tokyo Skytree Town and have quickly become one of the best sushi joints in the area.

7. Ganso Sushi (Gansozushi)

Restaurant, Sushi

Ganso Sushi storefront in Kagurazaka

Ganso Sushi is one of Shinjuku’s most popular kaiten sushi joints. Taste fresh ingredients skillfully prepared at this restaurant.

8. Uobei (Genki Sushi)

Restaurant, Sushi

Uobei Sushi Restaurant
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With an ultra low flat rate for all their dishes, Uobei is a popular choice for the budget traveler. Ordering from a tablet makes it fun as well. Who says eating in Tokyo has to be expensive?

9. Numazu Kou (Numazuko)

Restaurant, Sushi

If it’s convenience and quality rather than price that motivates you, Numazu Kou in Shinjuku is for you. The high-quality ingredients justify the higher price point.

10. Nemuro Hanamaru

Restaurant, Sushi

Hanamaru offers the classic kaiten sushi experience. The price and quality are a fair match, and the boisterous atmosphere adds to the experience.

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