Russian-Israeli Fashion Designers You Need To Know

Lucy Oleynik

Last year marked the 25th anniversary of the Russian immigration wave to Israel. Within two years, more than one million people from the former Soviet Union embarked on a groundbreaking journey, and the Russian Aliyah officially began. The Russian immigrants brought with them a new aspect of culture: gymnastics, ice skating, classical music, dancing, theater. However, young designers and artists have been making their mark too, as representatives of the vibrant, thriving community of Russian speakers.

Pardes Jewelry

Pardes: Handmade Jewelry by Lana

Originally from the Ukraine, Lana initially delved into the art of photography, but felt that her creativity was not yet fulfilled. After a period of uncertainty, her desire to create jewelry revealed itself. She has been experimenting with various fabrics, materials and styles; and has already worked with metals, natural stones, leather, pottery and vintage pieces. Whether it’s a statement necklace or an understated bracelet, the unique qualities of ‘Pardes‘ jewelry are hard to miss.

Pardes Jewelry

When conjuring up a name for her brand, Lana came up with a melodious word, which actually stems from the Persian word,firdaus, meaning paradise. Moreover, it refers to the citrus and pomegranate gardens in Israel, known in Hebrew as ‘pardes.’ This is why Lana perceives her jewelry designs as a personal garden. The concept also represents a journey full of new discoveries and impressions. Beauty, like love, has no boundaries. The designer herself eloquently expresses this idea: ‘I will ship anywhere in the world where a postman will go!’ (as written on her Etsy page). So take a look at the variety of jewelry items that Pardes has to offer, and get a piece of Israel delivered to your door.

HAVIE manufacture

1. HAVIE, by Denis and Artyom


HAVIE manufacture
Courtesy of Artyom Ryabko
This is a story of two Ukranian- born brothers, who arrived in Israel more than ten years ago. Both of these talented men started off as graphic designers, but became interested in the process of making exceptional bags, aprons, wallets and other accessories. Back in 2013, they struggled a great deal to finish their first creation; there had barely any professional equipment at their disposal. However, they were pleasantly surprised with the result; so much so that they decided to continue working in this field.
Today, they own a small workshop in Tel Aviv, where you can see that very first leather bag, preciously stored and on display as a symbol of the brothers’ beginnings. Denis and Artyom are entirely devoted to their craft, and insist on producing only exceptionally high quality products. They mainly work with leather and canvas, materials that are both long-lasting and good-looking. Moreover, the artists strive to create items which can somehow reflect the client’s identity and lifestyle. Although the HAVIE brand boasts customers from all over the world, there are plenty of Tel Avivians who pop into the workshop and purchase a bag (or two)! Some even participate in the making process…

So it’s up to you whether to check out HAVIE online or to visit their cozy place in Tel Aviv. We assure you: you will be impressed.

LIA Elnatan: Handmade Jewelry by Lia

Remember Tetris, the simplistic game everyone raved about back in the nineties? Who would have thought that this puzzle game would inspire the creation of fascinating and fashionable jewelry? Lia Elnatan immigrated to Israel from Dushanbe, the capital of today’s Tajikistan, 25 years ago. Israel, and Tel Aviv in particular, gave her the impetus to launch a jewelry line. While playing Tetris as a child, she continuously thought about transforming the pixels on the screen into something extraordinary. Stairs, bridges and other creations, which are based on the principle of brick-building, captured her attention. Ultimately, Lia taught herself to make jewelry and connected the dots between her imagination and reality. Ever since she found her target audience, the designer has not ceased to surprise and impress her customers.

Courtesy of Lia Elnatan

This extraordinary jewelry line appeals to creative individuals who keep an open mind and perceive life at its best. These days, Lia is working hard to present her new collection: bold, assertive and juicy! If you are interested in distinguished, one-of-a-kind accessories, then you should definitely take a look at Lia’s website. Once you put on a Tetris-themed necklace, or brick-shaped golden earrings, the compliments on your style are guaranteed!

DVARIM clothes

DVARIM: Handmade Clothes by Ira

If you know basic Hebrew, you have probably translated the word ‘dvarim‘ by now; it means ‘things.’ You would assume that a brand with such a name would design plain clothing. However, Ira Kiperman’s designs are anything but simplistic. Born and raised in Moscow, she has always envisioned herself as a fashion designer: imagine a young girl, sewing for her dolls, for her friends and herself, determined to turn a hobby into a full-time job. After a short-lived career as a PR manager, she finally started her own clothing line. Immigrating to Israel five years ago was a decisive step that broadened her horizons as a designer. Living in a new country has shaped her style, making it possible to see the world from different perspectives.

Dvarim clothes

Ira uses only natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and jersey. DVARIM is all about comfort and ease: her line showcases loose, flowing dresses, baggy shirts, and voluptuous skirts. The DVARIM shop is versatile; both plain and patterned, bright and matte, thrilling and mundane. If you want to dress freely and gracefully, it’s time to make a visit to DVARIM. Don’t forget to follow Ira Kiperman on Instagram to get some daily breeze of beauty straight from Tel Aviv!

LekaArt designs

LekaArt: Home décor by Elena

‘East or West, home is best’ is especially true, when you have small decorative reminders of Eastern or Western culture around the house. Here in Israel, a whole range of cultural and religious items can complete an interior setting. Jewelry boxes, hamsas, mezuzahs, decorative plates and figurines, all reflect regional peculiarities. Lena, now based in the quiet, northern town of Hadera, dedicates all her time to oriental hand painting. Coincidentally, nature in this part of the country serves as a perfect source of inspiration. Judging by her professional approach, it seems as though she has spent her entire life mastering this art. However, Lena discovered her creative spirit after a certain quest for herself.

LekaArt designs

Originally from Moscow, the artist gained experience in various spheres: tourism, advertisement and even in the oil business! Life changed at once when she applied for a course at a handmade crafts studio. There, she tried her hand at one stroke, batik printing, stained-glass painting and other crafts. Time flies, and it has already been five years since Lena embarked on a new path of creating oriental décor. Her designs have the soul of Israel embedded in them. So, whether you are looking for a lovely and original souvenir or, ornaments for your own home, you will undoubtedly fall in love with LekaArt !

Courtesy of Elana LekaArt

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