Why You Must Know TMEA's New Rules For Entry To The Taj Mahal

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As we approach the fourth month of 2016, the TMEA (Taj Mahal Entry Authority) has enforced a proposal that was pending approval for the last year. This proposal lists strict guidelines regarding entry to the Taj Mahal. Some, or maybe all of them, are bound to surprise you.

No More Selfies At The Taj

Much to the horror of the many millennials who count on the quintessential visit to the Taj Mahal for a fillip to their Instagram accounts and general Klout score, you will no longer be able to click selfies at the Taj. Following incidents from mid-2015 where tourists have been falling in the pools at the gardens of the monument, the Taj Mahal has been declared a no-selfie zone. So, next time, you better have a designated photographer in your group.

Book Ahead For The Slumdog Millionaire Experience

Tourists asking for the Slumdog Millionaire experience will have to pre-book a tour from the Taj Mahal’s official website to avoid disappointment. No spot bookings for this tour will be available. The famous Slumdog Millionaire tour includes a knee-deep exploration of the Yamuna river that flows behind the Taj and an exploration of the parallel systems of the slums nearby.

Hands off the Taj

Visitors will now miss out on the tactile delight of feeling the elaborate floral carvings, taking in the Taj experience with their fingertips. The main structure that boasts of intricate carvings of single pieces of marble will now be shielded by a thin layer. Authorities are contemplating between a glass wall or a wire-mesh railing between the tourists and the marble masterpiece.

Only 10 On The Bench

The famed Diana bench will no longer be available to anyone and everyone for a gorgeous photograph against the backdrop of the Taj. Only 10 tourists will be allowed in the one-hour slot that has been fixed for photographs to be allowed at the Taj. This hour will coincide with the guided tours inside the main structure so there will be no clouds milling around in the background.

Pay extra for a picnic in the gardens

To keep the littering in check, you will now have to buy a separate entry ticket for the magnificent gardens at the Taj. The grounds will now be patrolled by officers and any littering will result in heavy fines.
And now the most important rule,
There is no such thing as the TMEA or the Taj Mahal Entry Authority. If you’re reading this, you have successfully fallen for our April Fool’s prank regarding our beloved Taj!
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