The Best Cafés And Coffeehouses In New Delhi

Ritu C. Poojari

If New Delhi is a city that never sleeps, then coffee is its fuel. The city features numerous cafés offering the very best beans, from cosy work spaces to bustling spots perfect for meeting up with friends. Here we explore the best places to head to in New Delhi for your caffeine fix.


1. Kunzum Travel Café

Cafe, Coffee, Tea , Fast Food, Vegetarian

Kunzum Travel Cafe
© Jaskirat Singh Bawa /Flickr
Kunzum Travel Café is a safe haven for travelers, focused entirely on them and their awe-inspiring stories. Entirely uncommercial, the café is intended to provide a resting spot for people to relax, read, meet new people and share personal anecdotes with travelers from another places. With plenty of coffee and baked goods on offer, free wifi, and the option to pay whatever you want, Kunzum Travel Café is an oasis for backpackers and nomads.

2. Rose Café

Cafe, Coffee, Tea , Vegetarian, Fast Food

Coffee break
© Berit Watkin /Flickr
Rose Café is possibly the cutest little coffee house that caffeine addicts will come across in New Delhi. With keen attention paid to the vintage styling of the décor, the pastel colours bring a warm and happy ambiance to this café. Wallpaper and vases of roses adorn the walls and tables, while outside a shady gravelled garden offers a cool breeze and greenery. As well as a delicious range of mochas and lattes, the café offers all sorts of teas, waffles and cakes, making it a perfect mid-afternoon break.

3. Warehouse Café

Cafe, Coffee, Tea , Fast Food, Vegetarian

Coffee in Astoria
© Divya Thakur /Flickr
If coffee had a headquarters, Warehouse Café would be it. With the aroma of coffee beans pulling guests into its Connaught Place location, the soft, warm lighting in the café is akin to seeing the interior through a coffee filter. With brick walls and cozy seating, Warehouse Café provides mouth watering, soul invigorating coffees; opt for a rich espresso to experience the full on coffee taste, or a mocha for something a little lighter.

4. Café Lota

Cafe, German, Coffee, Tea , Fast Food, Vegetarian

Crafts Museum in Delhi
© Mint / Getty Images
Café Lota is the next stop after a fascinating tour around the National Crafts Museum. The café is located right in the entrance of the museum with large paneled curtains that divides the museum space from the café. An outdoor space, Café Lota is a decent place to visit in the hot summers of Delhi, surrounded by trees, the open café offers fresh air and plenty of coffee to enjoy in peaceful solitude.

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