1441 Pizzeria Brings Authentic Wood-Fired Pizzas To Mumbai

Gourmet pizza with four kinds of cheese and an assortment of exotic toppings | Courtesy of 1441 Pizzeria
Gourmet pizza with four kinds of cheese and an assortment of exotic toppings | Courtesy of 1441 Pizzeria
For most of us, pizza tops the list of favorite foods; therefore, the opening of 1441 Pizzeria in Mumbai was surely good news for those who like the complete pizza experience.
The pizza station has the name of the restaurant carved on it. Courtesy of 1441 Pizzeria


The 1441 Pizzeria outlet in Fort is newly opened and catches your eye with its bright green exterior. As soon as you step inside, you are greeted by a smiling hostess and ushered to a table. The dining room walls have red bricks with clever pieces of artwork adorning them. The one that caught our eye was a map of Italy with names of cities and the food for which they are famous. It is a tastefully designed restaurant with the pizza station and its wood-fired oven taking center stage.

The look and feel of the restaurant is rustic and traditional. It mimics a small town in Italy. Courtesy of 1441 Pizzeria
Wood fired pizza oven Courtesy of 1441 Pizzeria

Food and Service

We were made to understand the concept and encouraged to step up to the pizza station to place our order. For starters, we chose the smoky dough balls which are freshly baked to order and tossed with chili flakes, oregano and olive oil. The oven passes the bake test with ease as the dough balls are rendered crisp and crusty on the outside with a delicious soft center. The dough balls come plain or filled with cheese, and you get an equal number of each in every portion.

Smoky dough balls Courtesy of 1441 Pizzeria
Gourmet pizza with four kinds of cheese and an assortment of exotic toppings Courtesy of 1441 Pizzeria

Next, we stepped up to the pizza station again to watch our lunch come to life right in front of our eyes. The concept of the pizza menu is intriguing with a choice of a classic and gourmet option, along with 40 unlimited vegetarian and non-vegetarian toppings. Yes, that’s right – unlimited. We chose the gourmet pizza with their authentic tomato sauce (they also offer a choice of four sauces) with four kinds of cheese, chicken, meatballs, barbecue lamb, chicken pepperoni and sun-dried tomatoes.

The pizza arrived at our table in just about seven minutes, and the first bite confirmed that it was a pizza that was hard to beat for most restaurants. The crust was cooked to a satisfying crunch from the intense heat of the oven (340 degrees Celsius the chef proudly displayed on a temperature gun), and the cheese blend of mozzarella, blue cheese, buffalo mozzarella, and smoked mozzarella flavored the pizza beautifully. Of the toppings, the lamb was tender and tasted great, so were the meatballs. The rest, like the chicken pepperoni, could have been of a better flavor and quality.

For dessert, we chose the dessert of the day – dark chocolate mousse – and their signature Nutella pizza which was topped with a generous spread of Nutella, seasonal fruits and marshmallows. Both of the desserts were delicious, especially the Nutella pizza, which was, again, freshly baked.

Nutella pizza for dessert Courtesy of 1441 Pizzeria


To sum it up, 1441 Pizzeria delivers a complete pizza experience with the theater of watching your pizza being made and also truly delivers on the taste front. With a little focus on quality ingredients, it will be a gourmet pizza experience like no other in the city.