10 Amazing Jain Temples in India

Jain temple at Ranakpur, Rajasthan
Jain temple at Ranakpur, Rajasthan | © Mouyse/Wiki Commons
Richa Jain

India is a diverse country. And this diversity is well-reflected in the country’s many religions. Jainism is one such religion founded in this spiritual land, and is based on three main principles, namely non-violence (ahimsa), many-sided reality (anekantavada) and non-attachment (aparigraha). India has many beautiful Jain temples that mark the wide existence of this religion across the country. Here’s a list of the top ten Jain temples in India that are truly worth visiting.

1. Dilwara Temples


Dilwara Jain Temple | © Ozphotoguy/Shutterstock
© Ozphotoguy / Shutterstock
Located just 3 kilometers away from the Mount Abu hill station in Rajasthan, are the Dilwara group of Jain temples. World renowned for beautiful and artistic marble carvings, the temples are one of the finest Jain monuments and a popular pilgrim center. Situated in the middle of a forest, there are total five temples, built by Vastupal Tejpal in the 11th century – artistic enough to make you spend hours pondering their beauty.

If you wish to visit the temples by air, the nearest airport is Udaipur, situated 185 kilometers away. However, if you want to reach via rail, then the nearest railway station is Abu Road, 29 kilometers away.

2. Ranakpur Temple


© Ingo Mehling / WikiCommons
In the Aravalli Hills between Udaipur and Jodhpur in Rajasthan you’ll find the Ranakpur Temple in the Pali district. An important Jain pilgrim center and dedicated to Lord Adinatha, the temple is world famous for its intricate architectural style. The temple rises from the ground on 1,444 marble pillars, which are about three storeys high. The brilliant marble architecture of the temple is like no other, and should be visited at least once.

The nearest railway station to Ranakpur Temple is Falna (Pali); and Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur is the nearest airport.

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