Hong Kong's Best Restaurants for Roast Goose

Delicious roast goose at Yat Lok
Delicious roast goose at Yat Lok | © City Foodsters/Flickr
Sally Gao

Cantonese-style roast goose is a hallmark dish in Hong Kong’s traditional cuisine. When done right, a single bite of the crispy, crackling goose skin and succulent flesh is enough to make you swoon with happiness. Here are our top picks for where to indulge in this iconic barbecued treat.

1. Yat Lok

Diner, Restaurant, Chinese

© City Foodsters/Flickr

Yat Lok has been around since 1957, handing down family recipes from one generation to the next. Even Anthony Bourdain has sung the praises of this humble and affordable diner. The signature goose drumstick with noodles consists of pieces of mouthwatering goose meat covered in bronzed, crispy skin, served over vermicelli in a light broth.

2. Yung Kee

Restaurant, Chinese

© taki Lau/Flickr

Yung Kee first opened in 1942, making its roast goose something of a Hong Kong institution. This grand Cantonese restaurant spans four floors and roasts hundreds of geese a day for hungry diners. The fowl here is famed for being juicy and flavorful without being greasy. Another signature dish is the preserved century egg, which can be ordered as a side with pickled ginger.

3. Kam's Roast Goose

Diner, Restaurant, Chinese

Kam’s Roast Goose earned a Michelin star just four months after opening
© Jason Knott / Alamy Stock Photo

Kam’s Roast Goose boasts a Michelin star and is helmed by the grandson of the founder of the acclaimed Yung Kee. Unlike Yung Kee’s four-storey banquet hall of Yung Kee, this is a small, no-frills eatery with a trimmed down menu. The fragrant, savoury goose meat is sure to leave you craving more. Space is limited, so expect to have to queue up for a spot.

4. Ho Lee Fook

Restaurant, Chinese, Asian

Roast goose with plum sauce
© City Foodsters/Flickr

Serving modern Chinese cuisine with fusion elements, the cheekily-named Ho Lee Fook is helmed by award-winning chef Jowett Yu. The sensual, dimly-lit venue features phoenix and dragon murals, as well as a wall decorated with mahjong tiles. A single glance at the menu will tell you that they aren’t afraid to experiment with classic Cantonese recipes, using inventive marinades and Western cooking techniques. The roast goose here is soaked in a brine that includes star anise, ginger, peppercorns and cassia buds, allowing an array of flavors to penetrate the moist, succulent meat.

5. Joy Hing

Diner, Restaurant, Chinese

© Cathrine Lindblom Gunasekara/Flickr

Now a century old, this Michelin-recommended diner is a legacy family business dating back to the late Qing dynasty. Forget about the fluorescent lighting and plastic tableware — the only thing that matters here is the quality of the roast meat. Perhaps the secret to Joy Hing’s divinely tender goose lies in the restaurant’s ancient oven, which dates before World War II.

6. Mott 32

Restaurant, Chinese

Courtesy of Mott 32

Serving dim sum and modern Chinese cuisine, Mott 32 opened to fanfare and acclaim in 2014. This spacious basement restaurant is reached by descending a dramatic spiral staircase into a vault-like space that combines industrial chic design with Chinese screens and ceramics. The golden roasted goose is gratifyingly juicy and delicious, and is available during lunch only.

7. Yue Kee

Restaurant, Chinese

© chee.hong/Flickr

Mention roast goose in Hong Kong and “Yue Kee” is sure to be on everyone’s lips. This restaurant sources geese from all over China, and even owns a farm in Guangdong. The fowl here is roasted with charcoal, which imparts an unforgettably smoky flavor and aroma. Yue Kee is located in a coastal town named Sham Tseng, which is a little out of the way, but that doesn’t stop devout roast meat fans from flocking to this iconic restaurant.

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