The Coolest Streets in Shanghai

Shanghai Streets | © Charles W Clark/Flickr
Shanghai Streets | © Charles W Clark/Flickr
Experience the best of Shanghai on foot or bike. There are the cozy streets of the former French Concession, the shopping streets around the Bund, the bike friendly streets along Suzhou Creek, and more. While Shanghai has many must see tourist attractions, these cool streets will be what you remember the most.

East Nanjing Rd Pedestrian Street

南京路步行街 | © JianEn Yu/Flickr
Although touristy, East Nanjing Rd pedestrian street is worth a visit. It is one of the longest shopping streets in all of Asia.
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Any Street Beside Suzhou Creek

Suzhou Creek
Suzhou Creek | ©jenspie3/Flickr
In the 19th century, Suzhou creek formed the boundary between Shanghai’s British and American settlements. Now, its distinctive bridges are a scenic place for a bike ride or long walk.
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