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Guangzhou | © Dan Nevill / Flickr
Guangzhou | © Dan Nevill / Flickr

The 10 Best Boutique Hotels In Guangzhou

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Updated: 11 November 2017

Within the past few years, Guangzhou’s popularity has skyrocketed; tourists come from all over the globe to explore the city and its culture. This being said, it is no surprise that boutique hotels are on the rise—from chic to eclectic, Guangzhou’s hotel scene has got them all, and we’ve broken down what the 10 best are in this article for you.


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Shangri-La Hotel

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, the Shangri-La Hotel is rated as equally high as its high-end competitors in the area. Shangri-La Hotel is the epitome of chic, and it shows the minute you step foot in the lobby; from the decor, to the wallpaper, the hotel did not skip on a single detail. Aside from its elegant single-rooms, this hotel also offers family rooms equipped with playrooms for its younger guests; the children’s area has its own tepee, toys and couches, leaving them feeling just as special as their accompanying parents.

No. 8 Boutique Hotel

There’s no guessing as to what type of hotel this one is; with the word “boutique” in its name, the No. 8 Boutique Hotel is an unsurprisingly unique place to stay. From the outside, the hotel looks like a two-in-one shopping plaza and business building, but from the inside, the hotel is quite Chinese-chic. The hotel windows provide great views of Guangzhou, the room walls are adorned with cherry blossoms and birds, and the hallways shine with polished wood; No. 8 Boutique Hotel should be on any boutique hotel-lovers list.

Chateau Star River Guangzhou Peninsula

Chandeliers, velvet curtains, plush chairs and black and white paisley-decorated mirrors; could this hotel be any more fabulous? The Chateau Star River Guangzhou Peninsula Hotel is a clash of antique and modern, making it unlike the other hotels in the city. Although the hotel isn’t situated in the heart of the city, with its high rating and lavish amenities, it shouldn’t be missed.

Baiyun Lakeside

With a beautiful, open-air design situated next to a lake and mountains, the Baiyun Lakeside Hotel feels almost more like a retreat than a hotel. Guests who stay here are treated to stunning views and amazing amenities; it is no wonder why the Baiyun Lakeside Hotel is also known as an “urban oasis.”

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Gondola Taikoo Hotel

With brick walls, modern wood paneling, and crisp white bedsheets, the Gondola Taikoo Hotel fits the definition of “boutique hotel” almost too perfectly. The sleek, modern look of the Gondola Taikoo Hotel is apparent upon arrival and continues throughout the hotel’s interior with every step. Its exceptional ratings and relatively reasonable prices have earned this hotel a special spot in many visitor’s hearts and a spot on our “best boutique list.”

Guangzhou Linjiang Boutique Apartment Hotel

With the hotel’s description in its name, the Guangzhou Linjiang Boutique Apartment Hotel is suitable for a more unique, long-term stay in Guangzhou. While guests can make their stay at this hotel short-term, it is ideal for extended stays; the hotel’s interior is designed like a luxury apartment, with amazing views and spacious rooms. If the fact that the hotel is a serviced apartment doesn’t make you want to move to Guangzhou, then the hotel’s never-ending list of amenities will. The Guangzhou Linjiang Boutique Hotel has got it all.

Litko Hotel

From its convenient location to its downright stunning design and decor, the Litko Hotel is the boutique hotel to go to for a flawless stay. The interior is modern with decoration so stylish, you’ll find yourself thinking about it long after your stay. With every amenity you could want or need, and a staff that is eager and willing to help, the Litko Hotel should certainly be a top contender of yours while looking to stay in Guangzhou.

Ibis Hotel Guangzhou Yuexiu Park Metro Station

Located next to a handful of landmarks, plenty of restaurants, a large park, and a short distance from the subway, the Ibis Hotel Guangzhou Yuexiu Park Metro Station is in an ideal area; between the city’s and the hotel’s amenities, guests will want for little while staying here. The hotel’s location is just one of the things that makes this venue wonderful. On the inside, the Ibis Hotel Guangzhou Yuexiu Park Metro Station is adorned with cartoon-like decals and pops of vibrant reds throughout. Its wooden accents and modern furniture are youthful, yet sophisticated; you feel as though you’ve set foot into an Andy Warhol masterpiece.

Dragon Lake Princess Hotel

If this hotel’s name hasn’t already peaked your interest, then the description of it will. Located in Guangzhou’s Northern mountainous area, the Dragon Lake Princess Hotel is an absolutely unique getaway. The hotel is built to look like a castle; the sprawling hotel grounds are well-kept, sitting right next to a lake, and frankly are breathtaking. On the inside, the hotel’s suites are equally as stunning, giving guests a feeling of royalty.  Although the Dragon Lake Princess Hotel is relatively more expensive than the other hotels on our list, it proves itself worthy through its architecture and location.

Guangzhou Planet Hotel

Upon setting foot in this hotel’s lobby, guests are greeted by alienesque statues and funky blue-hued lighting. The furniture is elegant as ever, and everything about the Guangzhou Planet Hotel is oozing with modern luxury. Guangzhou Planet Hotel’s jaw-dropping color scheme and architectural brilliance is showcased throughout every inch of the establishment; every detail is flawless, from the 3D walls to the vibrant decor that adorns them. This hotel has made it on our “best boutique hotel” list, and it should make it, without any hesitation, on yours as well.