The Best Cinemas In the Rwandan City Kigali

Sunrise over Kigali, Rwanda
Sunrise over Kigali, Rwanda | © Mighty Travels/Flickr

Kigali nestles in the heart of Rwanda, functioning as the political and commercial center of the country. With more than one million inhabitants, the city is built on several hills and valleys, which has warned it the nickname “the Hilly City.” With the first cinema having opened in 2013, many independent institutions and organizations took the initiative to organize movie nights every week to recognize the importance of Kigali’s art scene.

1. Century Cinemas

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Downtown Kigali
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Located in the tallest building at Kigali City Tower, Century Cinemas has four screening halls that bring in the Rwandan audience every week the most famous national and international mainstream films. Century Cinemas was the first cinema hall to open its doors in 2013 and the only one in the city with a 5D screen suitable for action movies, digital sound and special effects. Ticket prices vary from 3,000 to 5,000 Rwandan francs, while Tuesday is the night when students can get a discount.

2. Cine 7


Cine 7 is a local cinema consisting of two rooms – each one having the capacity for 48 people. Each week the small cinema attempts to broadcast as many films as possible in both English and French, covering a wide variety, from mainstream to independent productions. Cine 7 is one of the partners of the Rwanda Film Festival, also known as Hillywood, the most prestigious film event in the country. Tickets for adults are 2,000 Rwandan francs and 1,000 for kids.

3. Innovation Village Film Nights


Sunrise over Kigali, Rwanda
© Mighty Travels/Flickr
Every Wednesday the Innovation Village, a cultural organization based in the rooftop of the Public Library, organizes movie nights. Free to the public, the movie nights are part of the organization’s mission to promote literacy and culture in the capital of Rwanda. Innovation Village is the birth child of the Village Group and the Government of Rwanda and often hosts exhibitions and storytelling nights in their space. All of their events are announced through their website and social media pages, so be sure to check there if you’re planning a visit.

Kwetu Film Institute

Kwetu Film Institute is located in Gacuriro and has been, since 2003, one of the first organizations offering professional training to young artists and promoting cinematography in Kigali. The institute functions as an educational hub and center for cultural expression while occasionally transforms its café, the Café Hillywood located in the first floor of the building, into a screening space. The Film Institute is also one of the partners of the Rwanda Film Festival, Hillywood, with screenings hosted at its space during the time of the festival.

Kwetu Film Institute, KG 383 Street, Kigali, Rwanda, +250 783 773 953

Kwetu Film Institute screening

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