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Morning Time at Valley of the Kings in Luxor City
Morning Time at Valley of the Kings in Luxor City | © Tanatat pongphibool / Getty Images
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Book your way through the sands of time and journey into the past on these historical Epic Trips.

The world has a wealth of history waiting to be explored and the best way to uncover it is first-hand. From unrecorded times to the events of yesterday, you’ll find each country brimming with an exciting and inspiring past. Where better to learn about the ancient Greeks than on a cruise of the Greek islands? How better to interpret religious texts than by visiting holy sites with members of the religions that revere them? When your wanderlust and quest for knowledge are one and the same, these trips are your living history lessons.

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Pretty and historic hillside buildings in Fira at sunset; the light hits the sea water at the foot of the hill

See an unfinished temple and the Acropolis as you island-hop around Greece

Embark on your own odyssey around ancient Greece on this exciting eight-day trip. You and a small band of voyagers will island-hop to the volcanic landscape of Milos and the unfinished ancient temple of Portara on Naxos, plus take an unforgettable trip to the mainland to wander around the Acropolis in Athens. History welcomes you into every port, and if you’re seeking a deep dive, Atlantis Books in Santorini has a well-read history lesson ready to stick in your backpack.

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Athens, Greece

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Athens, Greece







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