A Seafood Lover's Guide to Nairobi, Kenya

Seafood Platter
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After bringing you a guide on the best spots for desserts in Nairobi, we’re bringing you another equally exciting guide because “Nairobians” love their seafood. Despite the city being inland, seafood in Kenya goes beyond the tilapias fried by vendors on the street. Some restaurants have seafood as their primary item on the menu, while others have special seafood nights. Here are some of the spots you must visit for that seafood fix in Nairobi.

Seven Seafood Grill

Seven Seafood and Grill at ABC Place has an extensive and delicious menu; including oysters, prawns, lobsters and fish. The seafood is delivered every day to ensure everything is fresh and tasty. Their Kilifi oysters are a must-try for anyone. The restaurant provides such a unique experience and service. Some of the items on their menu include Crab Bao, Whole Catch Ceviche, Moroccan fish skewers, shellfish, and prawns.

Seven Seafood & Grill, ABC Place, Waiyaki Way, Westlands: (254) 737 776 677

Seven Seafood & Grill Oysters

Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket is a South African chain of restaurants and people were excited when they set up shop in Nairobi. Famous for its sushi and delectable dishes, this has grown to become a favorite among many food lovers in the city. The prime location of the restaurant and the open setting makes it ideal for afternoon lunches and evening dinners with friends or family. Their menu includes incredible offerings like crumbed prawn tails, calamari, grilled tilapia, grilled Norwegian salmon and platters such as Pick of the Ocean and Full Deck platters.

Ocean Basket, the Oval, Westlands: +254 770 227 538

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant is located in Kolloh Road in Lavington and serves the best lobster and sushi. It has a garden, cocktail bar, traditional sushi bar and a teppanyaki area. They also have delicious sushi and champagne pairings.

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, Kolloh Road, Nairobi: +254 722 485556

Sushi & Champagne Pairing dinner

Tamarind Nairobi

Tamarind Nairobi is located on Karen Road and is a great choice for seafood. Some of the items on the menu include lobsters, octopus, oysters and squid. It also made it in our Nairobi’s top 10 Restaurants hotlist.

Tamarind Nairobi, Karen Blixen, Karen Road: 0719346349 / 0733603065 /



Sushi restaurants in Nairobi include Furusato Japanese Restaurant, 88 at Vila Rosa Kempinski, Cheka and Phoenician and Ocean Basket among others.



Seafood restaurants tend to have a twist on the classic lobster. Seven Seafood & Grill have the Smoked Slipper Lobster Bao which is a delectable dish. Other restaurants that serve lobster are Tamarind Nairobi and Tokyo Japanese Restaurant.

Indian Ocean Lobster

Fried, Dried or Grilled Fish Markets

In Nairobi, it is common to get fried fish like tilapia at many local restaurants because a lot of fish come from Lake Victoria. You will even see vendors frying fish in their woks and “sufurias” pots on makeshift “jiko” grills. A small fish can go from 200ksh to 500ksh depending on the area. You can also get dried fish at markets such as City Market and open air markets. Usually the fish is dried and transported to the city. People can also buy the small dried fish “omena”, which makes a very delicious stew.

Fried Fish

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