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 Chicken kebabs | ©Alpha/Flickr
Chicken kebabs | ©Alpha/Flickr
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The Top 10 Restaurants In Tamale, Ghana

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Updated: 9 February 2017
With a central location in Ghana’s Northern Region, Tamale has one of the fastest growing populations in West Africa, and a culinary culture that showcases some of the country’s best talents and traditions. Here are 10 of the top restaurants for great local food in Tamale.
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Luxury Restaurant

Serving succulent West African dishes like chicken kebabs and fried rice, the Luxury Restaurant has become popular with diners in Tamale. Along with old favorites like jollof rice, they have entrees like toasted meatballs, guinea fowl and other tasty dishes. Their drink selection includes fruit cocktails made of baobab and other exotic fruits.

Jisonayili Road, Tamale, Ghana +233 507 463 655

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Swad Fast Food

Located in a beautiful area of Tamale, Swad Fast Food offers a decadent menu of mainly Indian food, with some Ghanaian favorites thrown in. Ghanaian options include hot items such as red red (a spicy rice dish), fish finger sandwiches and tasteful onion soup. Tasteful Indian dishes to try include shahi paneer, chicken biryani and malay curry.

Tamale, Ghana +233 372 023 588

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Crest Restaurant

Located on a hilly crest with a bird’s eye view of Tamale, Crest Restaurant has some of the tastiest curry dishes in town. You can sit inside or go up on the rooftop where the best views are. From here you can sample fine tasty chicken curry while a breeze from the Atlantic wafts gently by. The fish dishes are also notable at this restaurant, along with Ghanaian drinks like malt beverages as well as local beers.

Hospital Road, Tamale, Ghana +233 37 2 024 898

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Wooden Bakery & Coffeeshop

Popular with coffee lovers in Tamale, the Wooden Bakery & Coffeeshop serves some grand coffeehouse delights, including some of the best coffee in the city. The chefs prepare some excellent pastries and desserts, including very tasty doughnuts. The lunch menu is ample and includes pasta dishes and salads. You can also choose from ham and cheese or beef sandwiches, which go well with their espresso and mocha selections.

Gumani Tamale, Ghana +233 372 028 943

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Chuck’s Bar and Restaurant

Popular for getting drinks in a relaxed, chatty atmosphere, Chuck’s Bar and Restaurant is a great destination for enjoying a meal with friends. They have excellent pizza and burgers. For drinks, you can choose from a good sampling of the Ghanaian beer, along with wines and cocktails. If you are feeling like it in the afternoon, you can go swimming in the pool or just sit poolside and watch the activities.

Agreek Ridge, Tamale, Ghana +233 554 819 346

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Sparkles Restaurant

Located inside the Center for National Culture in Tamale, Sparkles Restaurant is one of the many in Tamale serving up a mix of continental dishes. They blend great tasting banku and tilapia, two local favorite dishes, with choices of lasagna and Italian plates. You can opt for pizza instead, or try an African-style rice dish with locally brewed beer. There’s a beautiful lounge area outside where you can relax and listen to music.

Tamale, Ghana +233 207 090 065

Sweet Garden

Along with Indian and other Asian food, Tamale boasts some excellent Chinese cuisine. If you’re in the mood for some great chow mein with soy egg, or fresh fried kung pao chicken, Sweet Garden will fit the bill. The restaurant offers up a variety of tasty Chinese dishes, ranging from rice and noodle staples to desserts. Along with your meal, sample the Ghanaian Star and other local beers.

Hospital Road, Tamale, Ghana +233 372 023 539

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Koyla Bon Appetit

Sometimes you want a little bit of everything, and Koyla Bin Appetit knows how to present an eclectic mix of delicious food from around the world. From Indian and Chinese to Ghanaian dishes, the food service will be sure to please. Great tastes include curry dishes and fried chicken, along with a wide variety of wines, beers and cocktails.

Education Ridge Rd, Tamale-Kumbungu Rd, Tamale, Ghana +233 243 107 786

SpeedLink Restaurant

Renowned for their selection of local dishes, SpeedLink Restaurant is the perfect place to get a taste of authentic Ghanaian delicacies prepared by top chefs. The food is good and the joint boasts a pleasant atmosphere. Along with a variety of alcoholic and malt beverages, you can sample seafood in the Ghanaian style here, with shrimp and tilapia being top choices. You can also enjoy jollof rice or go for a vegetarian fried rice.

Tamale, Ghana +233 209 387 480

Mike’s Bar and Restaurant

While Mike’s Bar and Restaurant is popular for getting a drink in the evening, it’s also a great place to grab a fine meal. They offer great pizza for a variety of tastes, along with a mix of salads, sandwiches and desserts items. You can also check out their selection of local beers, including the Ghanaian smooth stouts.

Tamale, Ghana