An Introduction To Ghanaian Literature in 5 Writers

Photo of Hakeem Adam
17 January 2017

Ghanaian literature is traditionally based on oral literature as most histories and stories were passed on by spoken word through song, poetry and folktales. Most of these stories are still accessible, and contemporary Ghanaian writers have found ingénue ways to channel new and traditional ways of telling stories into their books. Below are some of the writers you should pay attention to when it comes to Ghanaian literature.

Ayi Kwei Armah

The Beautyful One Are Not Yet Born | Courtesy of Heinemann Educational Books

Ama Ata Aidoo

Changes | Courtesy of Feminsit Press

Kofi Awoonor

affiliated-image UNSUPPORTED YET
This Earth My Brother, courtesy of Heinemann Educational Books

Taiye Selasi

Ghana Must Go, courtesy of Penguin Random House

Yaa Gyasi

Yaa Gyasi – Homegoing, Courtesy of Penguin Random House | © Penguin Random House