When’s the Best Time of the Year to Visit Congo?

Brazzaville city
Brazzaville city | © Victoire Douniama / Culture Trip

If you are a lover of long summer days, beautiful sunsets and perfect tanning weather, then Congo is most likely the best place for your next holiday. Located right on the equator, the Republic of Congo is well-known for its tropical weather. Depending on your itinerary here are the best times to visit Congo and what to expect throughout the year.


Congo only features two main seasons: the tropical wet season and the dry season. January tends to be part of the short, dry season in Congo. January has few rainy days and low humidity. Visitors can enjoy more outdoor activities such as visiting national parks, going hiking, or shopping in local markets. In January the country is also less crowded because most tourist attractions and local markets are emptier. During this time most people go on holiday out of the country in December and often do not return until the end of January.

Temperature: 31°C (88°F)
Rain: 11 days

Liambou village | © Victoire Douniama / Culture Trip


February, like January is relatively quiet. It is a little bit rainier but still has light, elevated temperatures. This is still a perfect time to visit and stay comfortable while enjoying water activities such as boat riding, or visiting local national parks such as Odzala-Kokoua National Park. During this month most people are back from holidays and the cities are booming and busy again following their normal routines.

Temperature: 32°C / 22°C (90°F / 71.5°F)
Rain: 9 days


March is usually the beginning of one of the warmest months of the year in Congo. This is the perfect time for a relaxing escape to the beach in Pointe Noire. During this month the weather tends to be extremely hot. People coming to Congo will enjoy Pointe Noire more as this city has many gorgeous beaches and many interesting activities. Visitors can opt for going swimming or surfing, but don’t forget to protect yourself from the harsh sun.

Temperatures: 32°C / 22°C (90°F / 71.5°F)
Rain: 11 days

Pointe Noire beach | © Victoire Douniama / Culture Trip


April is known to be one of those rainy months with variable rainfalls in the beginning moving through high rainfalls and high temperatures towards the end of the month. Lovers of the outdoors who are planning a trip to Congo might want to reconsider visiting during this wet month.

Temperature: 32°C / 22°C (90°F / 71.5°F)
Rain: 11 days


Similar to April, this month is a mixture of rainy and hot days. So visitors might want to consider getting involved in indoor activities such as visiting local art galleries or going on a road trip to nearby rural areas that are not far from the city. These places can be great for sightseeing and experiencing true Congolese local life.

Temperature: 31° / 22°C (88°F / 71.5°F)
Rain: 10 days

mikalou market | © Victoire Douniama / Culture Trip


This is a great month for visiting Congo, as there tends to be a sudden end to the rain and the temperatures cool down gradually. This month is the beginning of the dry season. It is the perfect weather for a going on a hike and perhaps even organising a camping trip to Odzala National Park.

Temperature: 29°C / 20°C (84°F / 68°F)
Rain: 0 days


During July the weather tends to be more dry and cool. This is the time when the majority of people tend to get back to outdoor activities and local markets are much busier. The skies are blue and the sunset is incredibly beautiful. During this month people enjoy going for boat rides and of course waiting on the picture perfect sunset across the Congo river.

Temperature: 28°C / 19°C (82°F / 66°F)
Rain: 0 days

Brazzaville city | © Victoire Douniama / Culture Trip


Quite similar to July, August might be the absolutely perfect time to visit Congo, with the temperature being slightly cooler than in July and no rainy days at all. This month is filled with warm days and beautiful sunsets.

Temperature: 29°C / 20°C (84°F / 68°F)
Rain: 0 days


September is the end of the dry season, so the weather starts to become rainier and the temperature becomes extremely hot. During this month locals enjoy visiting the Pan African music festival, also known as FESPAM. This event has taken place every year in Brazzaville since 1993. During this event visitors can enjoy multifaceted aspects of African music.

Temperature: 31°C / 21°C (88°F / 70°F)
Rain: 3 days


With the rainy season beginning in October, this month is extremely wet and humid, but the cities are still quite busy and many tourists might opt to visit lodges such as Malonda Lodge—this place has an incridible local design that will give visitors a true Congolese experience.

Temperature: 31°C / 22°C (88°F / 71.5°F)
Rain: 10 days

Malonda Lodge | © Victoire Douniama / Culture Trip


Once again, with the rainy season back, November is filled with tropical rainstorms contrasted with sustained periods of blue skies and hot days. Sightseeing in national parks is amazing as the forests are blooming and the sunsets are breathtaking.

Temperature: 31°C / 22°C (88°F / 71.5°F)
Rain: 13 days


The rainy season starts to ease up as the dry season sets in for the beginning of a new year. During December the country already starts to feel empty as most people travel out of the country for the holidays and so the country begins to feel less busy. This is the perfect month to visit Pointe Indienne and enjoy your stay at a beach lodge.

Temperature: 30° / 22°C (86°F / 71.5°F)
Rain: 11 days

pointe indiene | © Victoire Douniama / Culture Trip

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