Unmissable Attractions in Cameroon

Many passengers choose to cross this delicate strip on foot
Many passengers choose to cross this delicate strip on foot | © Tony Vinyoh

Travelling through Cameroon is a voyage of discovery that will take you on a tour of historical sites which preserve its culture, and spaces that nurture its art. Here are the top 20 attractions you can’t miss.

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Bimbia Slave Port

Slaves walked through the Door of No Return after they were sold in Bimbia. The ruins of their prisons and the iron shackles they wore can be seen at this place, from which they were shipped across the Atlantic.

Ekom-Nkam Falls

Tarzan made this place home in the 1984 movie Greystoke. The twin waterfalls in the jungles of Nkongsamba are over 80 metres (262 feet) high.

Mount Fako

Mount Fako

At an elevation of 4,040 metres (13,255 feet), this active volcano is the highest peak in west and central Africa. It is home to the annual Mount Cameroon Race of Hope. You can take an organised tour up the volcano with AYS Travel Guides.

Waza National Park

Founded in 1934 as a hunting reserve, this park went on to become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The park protects elephants, hyenas, gazelles, cheetahs, lions and many other animals in an area covered by Sahel and savanna vegetation.

Rom Rock

The road to Mbem is one of the most tricky in the country

The road to Mbem makes its way through steep hills, and suffers occasional landslides. Looking down the valley can be terrifying, but the road leads to a warm and welcoming community.

Bafut Palace

The home of the Bafut royal family is a popular tourist destination. It has been the home of the annual Abin festival since 1516. The Achum shrine at the palace is the spiritual core of the village.

Sabga Hill

The lush green hills of Sabga are a climber’s paradise. The Mbororo muslims are the main settlers in the area. Zeina Resort is a great place to relax; the curious may find themselves singing along with the other revellers at Stone House, a hidden bar in Sabga that is intimate and fun.

Limbe Botanic Garden

Over 30,000 specimens are grown at the Limbe Botanic Garden. It is one of Africa’s oldest gardens, and was established in 1892.

Mandara Mountains

Mandara Mountains

This is a range of volcanic mountains along the Nigeria–Cameroon border, with its highest point at Mount Oupay.

Monument de la Reunification

The Monument de la Reunification was built to commemorate the union between British Southern Cameroons and French Cameroon.

Bamenda Handicraft Cooperative

These clay pots are sold under a fair-trade licence

The Handicraft Centre is a fair-trade collective representing craftspeople from the Northwest Region. They produce masks, musical instruments, bags, decorations and household items, and the site also operates a restaurant.

Foumban Palace

One of Cameroon’s oldest kingdoms is very much alive here in the home of the Sultan and its cultural museum, which has been built to celebrate the cultural symbols of the region.

Lake Oku

Lake Oku is surrounded by forest up in the clouds

Legend says that if this lake accepts a goat sacrifice, it gives its blessings to the new Fon. There are rooms for tourists, and a chapel.

Limbe Wildlife Centre

This conservation centre rescues and rehabilitates gorillas, parrots, baboons, reptiles and many other mammals from hunters and pet-traders. They run an extensive education program for the public and teach alternative forms of employment in order to deter hunting.

La Nouvelle Liberté

This unusual art has come to represent the hustle of the city

Douala’s iconic statue has braved controversy to become the symbol of the city. Made out of scrap metal and junk, the statue at Rond Point Deido represents the people’s will to reinvent themselves.

Prime Minister’s Lodge Buea

The residence of German colonial administrators and later the home of the Prime Minister of the Southern Cameroons has regained prominence with the fight for independence. For Southern Cameroonians, it’s the final destination; those fighting for the independence of the Southern Cameroons want to establish their government at the Prime Minister’s Lodge, where it used to be.

Lake Nyos

Lake Nyos is equipped with degassing tubes to prevent the limnic eruption that asphyxiated over 1,700 people and 3,500 livestock in 1986. It is one of only three such lakes in the world.

Korup National Park

One of the richest primary forests in the world has been made accessible to visitors. Accommodation is available, and a suspension bridge leads into the park. It’s a great place to see wild animals and birds.

Benoue National Park

Benoue National Park is a UNESCO-designated reserve along the River Benoue in Northern Cameroon with over 300 bird species, lions, and the critically endangered black rhinoceros.

Mvog-Betsi Zoo

For a small fee you can relax in this zoo, which is easy to get to. The main attractions are lions, baboons, hyena and snakes, monkeys and birds.

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