Reasons Why You Should Visit Botswana

Botswana sunset over the Chobe River ©Joachim Huber/Flickr
Botswana sunset over the Chobe River ©Joachim Huber/Flickr | ©Joachim Huber / Flickr

Batswana are a peace-loving people, and their warmth will envelop you the minute you step into the beautiful and sunny country. Here are nine reasons why you should visit.

Peaceful country

The country is currently ranked 29th on the 2018 Global Peace Index. Only a few countries in the world have enjoyed the level of peace that Botswana continues to enjoy. The people are warm and they treat all visitors as family.

Diverse landscapes

The wetlands of the Okavango Delta ©Athena Lao/Flickr

Nowhere else in the world can you experience such diverse landscapes as you can in Botswana. The Kalahari desert that covers a large portion of Botswana and the Okavango Delta are proof of the contrasting landscapes of the country.

Exclusive experiences

Holiday resorts run by companies such as Wilderness Safaris in this part of Southern Africa understand that their clients only want the best, and are not afraid to pay for these exclusive experiences. Resorts such as Meno a Kwena – where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had their first official date – offer these experiences.

One of the rooms at the spectacular Tubu Tree camp in the Okavango Delta ©WalterSchärer/Flickr

World-class exceptional guides

One of the things that visitors to the country are bound to enjoy is seeing the tour guides doing what they know best. The tour guides take their job very seriously, and guests will be treated to a uniquely memorable experience.

A guide and a tracker on an excursion ©Benjamin Hollis/Flickr

Wildlife to leave you speechless

Only a few countries have bragging rights to this title, and Botswana is lucky to be among them. Offering clients an impressive and diverse safari adventure, the African wildlife is abundant in Botswana. From elephants, many species of birds, lions, buffaloes, hyenas – every animal that clients look for on an African safari is rife in the country.

One of the many bird species that you will spot in Botswana ©Fabrizio Barbieri/Flickr

Scenic beauty

Whether one is enjoying the sunset in the vastness that is the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, or sipping cocktails aboard a boat in the Chobe River, all visitors will be enchanted by the beautiful sights and sounds of Botswana. The best time to enjoy this beauty is during the rainy season when the landscape is green, and the wildlife comes out to play. But if you are planning a trip to the salt pans, the best times to visit is in winter, when the pans are dry.

The magical sunset of the Chobe River ©Mara1/Flickr

One of the safest destinations in the world

Tourists enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of Botswana ©Fernando Hidalgo Marchione /Flickr

Safety is one of the factors that many tourists and travellers who are about to part with their hard earned cash consider when it comes to picking their holiday destination. So compared to other places in the world, Botswana tops the list of the safest countries in the world. As much as the country is safe, World Nomads advises tourists to exercise necessary precaution and avoid calling unnecessary attention to themselves lest they become victims.

Authentic safaris

Every year, adventure-lovers seeking a unique African safari make their way to Botswana. Offering visitors an array of amazing sights, a visit to Botswana is a must for anyone who wishes to experience one of the best safari thrills in this part of the world.

Lions are one of the attractions that tourists wants to see ©Thomas Köhler/Flickr

Rich culture

A traditional dancer captured in the middle of traditional dance routine ©US Army Africa/Flickr

The former president of Botswana, Seretse Khama, once proclaimed that a nation without culture is a lost nation, and Botswana is far from being that. Batswana are very proud of their culture, and it is something that they share with the many guests who visit the country every year. With various tribes making up the nation of Botswana, many Batswana are still steadfast when it comes to their culture and maintain traditions that were practised many years ago.

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