The Top 10 Markets In Mombasa, Kenya

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Shopping in Mombasa is an exciting experience. This centuries-old city sits on an island off the main shore of Kenya, accessible only by boat and connected by bridges to the mainland. Here are 10 great markets to visit.

Mombasa Old Town

Old Town in Mombasa

The Old Town section of Mombasa contains a delightful collection of tourist-friendly shops and souvenir stands. Many of the shops reflect the history of the town, with Asian, Portuguese and Arab shops abounding. You can find many good bargains, from clothes and artwork to jewelry, spices and fragrances. The Fort Jesus that overlooks the harbor in Old Town is nearby and makes for a great historical spot.

Old Town, Mombasa, Kenya


Biashara Street

In downtown Mombasa on Biashara Street you’ll find a collection of shops for crafts and clothing items to suit summertime tastes. The kikoys and khangas, which are popular and colorful pieces of cloth to wrap around oneself, are sold here. There is a wide variety of other textile and clothing items, from slippers to curtains and scarfs. The area also contains restaurants and food stands to grab a flavorful meal.

Biashara Street, Mombasa, Kenya

Wood bowl

Akamba Wood Carvers

Showcasing a deep talent for wood carving, the Akamba Wood Carvers market allows you to get an outstanding decoration item for a good price. The Akamba Wood Carvers is located on Airport Road near the airport in Mombasa. Inside, you’ll see the artists and carvers at work on a stunning variety of wood carvings depicting everything from animals to human society.

Airport Rd, Mombasa, Kenya

In a Kenyan shopping mall

A1 Supermarket

The A1 Supermarket on Hospital Street and Digo Road in Mombasa is one of the best venues for finding foodstuffs and buying local produce. Whether you need to find some good wine, cheese, in-season fruits or some supplies for throwing a party, the A1 has plenty of options. You’ll find plentiful supplies of Kenyan produce as well as some imported brands and snacks.

Corner Hospital Street and Digo Road, Mombasa, Kenya

Antiques on sale

Coast Zanzibar Curio Shop

The Coast Zanzibar Curio Shop on Moi Avenue is great for finding crafts and souvenirs. This place makes a good spot for an afternoon visit, and is conveniently located next to the beach. A wide selection of items can be found, including leather bags, basket decorations, pictures and framed paintings. They also have selections of pretty jewelry including necklaces, pendants and earrings. For a small price here you can source something unusual and not available elsewhere.

Moi Avenue, Mombasa, Kenya

Moi Avenue

Marikiti Market

For a great Kenyan shopping experience, head out to Marikiti Market in the city. This bustling market makes for a thrilling outing, and you’ll find plenty of great souvenirs and artwork to make the trip worthwhile. You can also get Kenyan clothes along with cloths and khangas of a stunning variety that you might not get elsewhere. There are numerous places to get food along the way, with street food being a popular and tasty option.

Nehru Road, Mombasa, Kenya

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