The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Arequipa, Peru

Arequipa | © alessandro pinto / Shutterstock
Arequipa | © alessandro pinto / Shutterstock
As Peru’s most beautiful city (sorry, Cusco), there are a plethora of exciting things to do in and around Arequipa. From coming face to face with an ice maiden, to wandering around a colorful monastery or spotting condors in a jaw-dropping canyon, here’s 10 things you mustn’t miss on your next trip to Arequipa.

Stand awestruck in the Plaza de Armas

Arguably the most grandiose plaza in Peru, Arequipa’s central square is guaranteed to impress. Set among leafy palm trees and flanked by stunning colonial churches, the Plaza de Armas is the true heart of Arequipa and the perfect vantage point to appreciate why it is known as the “White City.”

Plaza de Armas de Arequipa, Arequipa, Peru

Arequipa plaza | © locoterrolr / pixabay

Get closer to God in the Arequipa Cathedral

Towering over the plaza is the impressive 17th century city cathedral, Arequipa’s largest and most important church. Stretching the entire length of the plaza, this mammoth house of worship in largely built from sillar, a type of white volcanic rock that is common throughout the city center.

Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa, Plaza de Armas, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 213149

Church Arequipa | © sharptoyou / Shutterstock

Admire the Iglesia de la Compania

A more modest although arguably more interesting church is Iglesia de la Compania, located on the opposite corner of the plaza. The beautifully carved facade of this elegant Jesuit church is the main attraction, a masterful display of the churrigueresque style of design which was first made famous by the beautiful churches of Seville.

Iglesia de la Compañía, General Móran 114, Arequipa, Peru

Explore the Monasterio de Santa Catalina

If you were to check out just one colonial site in the city, this should be it. A town within a town, this expansive monastery is packed full of chapels, bedrooms and cooking quarters which provide a fascinating insight into the lives of devout catholic nuns back in the 16th century. Each new passageway is as cheery and colorful as the next, meaning the perfect photo op awaits on every corner.

Monasterio de Santa Catalina, Calle Santa Catalina 301, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 608282


For a different perspective of the city, head away from the center towards Yanahuara. Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of colonial era churches and elegant archways surrounding a leafy plaza, all with unbeatable views of the majestic ice-capped volcanoes that encircle the city.

Plaza de Yanahuara, Cuesta del Ángel 513, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 253668

Museo Santuarios Andinos

Welcome to the city’s premier museum, the final resting place of a local celebrity dubbed the “Ice Maiden.” Guided tours in English, Spanish or French shepherd visitors past a number of artifacts from a 1995 expedition that led to the discovery of the body of a 12 year old Inca girl who was sacrificed to the gods back in the 1450s. The finale is a close up view of the gruesome remains of “Juanita.”

Museo Santuarios Andinos, La Merced, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 215013

Soak up the surroundings

With such majestic surroundings at every turn, it makes sense to take your time and soak up the glory of Peru’s most beautiful city. Meander between leafy plaza, stroll down the happening pedestrian thoroughfare known as Paseo Mercaderes, or just watch life slowly pass by in the city’s numerous hip cafés, bars, and restaurants.

Paseo Mercaderes, Arequipa, Peru

Marvel at the Condors

The greatest attraction of the region is not some church built from volcanic stone. Rather, tourists flock to the region to admire the majestic condor in full flight, marveling as these massive flying beasts swoop right past onlookers in search of hot updrafts which allow them to effortlessly glide around the canyon. Although it is possible to visit in just one day, a combined Colca Canyon hike is the best option.

Mirador Cruz del Cóndor, Caylloma Province, Arequipa, Peru

Condor in Colca Canyon | © Murray Foubister/Flickr

Colca Canyon

Peru’s answer to the Grand Canyon, Colca is one of the deepest canyons in the world at a staggering 3,270 meters (10,730 ft). Tours through the region last two to three days, depending on the amount of time spent hiking each day, and pass through breathtaking scenery as the glorious condor flies overhead.

Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru

Colca, Peru | © Pedro Szekely/Flickr

El Misti

Those with a serious adventurous streak should consider scaling El Misti, the ominous volcano that towers over the city. A strenuous two day ascent reaches heights of 5,822 m (19,101 ft), meaning proper acclimatization is of utmost importance.

El Misti, Arequipa, Peru

El Misti above Arequipa | © Petr Meissner / Flickr