The 9 Best Souvenirs to Buy From Peru

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Photo of Brandon Dupre
8 December 2017

Peru might be the souvenir capital of the world. You can’t go anywhere without somebody trying to sell you something, usually something beautiful and unique. You know when someone returns from Peru because they’ll have beanies, sweaters and blankets all in colorful Andean patterns. Here is our guide to the must-have souvenirs that Peru is known for.

Alpaca slippers

If you want the most comfortable slippers in the world, buy yourself a pair of alpaca slippers. They come in the traditional colorful, Andean prints and, once you put your feet inside them, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air. They’re easy to travel around with and you definitely won’t regret this purchase.


You won’t go anywhere without running into a souvenir store selling classic Peruvian textiles. They’re beautiful and distinct, so everyone will know when they see it that you visited Peru. You can buy blankets (which’ll cost more), table cloths, scarves and more. Whatever you do you can’t go wrong with a Peruvian textile, el regalo clásico. | © Julie Edgley / Flickr


The pisco sour is the country’s drink, so naturally they make some good pisco. While Chileans will disagree, Peru makes the best pisco in the world. You’ll also find it at an unbeatable price. You can’t make a proper pisco sour without some Peruvian pisco, so make sure you bring some back.


Take a walk around Cusco and you’ll see just how popular these alpaca sweaters are. You can find them for as little as 20 soles (for synthetic ones) and up to 200 soles for the 100% alpaca ones. | © M M / Flickr

Chullo beanies

Another regalo clásico is the Peruvian beanie. It comes down over the ears and is available in the colorful textiles Peru is known for. You’ll find both tourists and locals wearing these traditional pieces of headwear.

Inca cross

Whether or not you believe in the Inca’s cosmology and belief system, their Andean crosses make for cool pieces to wear and a nice reminder of their beautiful traditions.

Everything Alpaca and Llama

From stuffed animals to little keychains, these animals are symbols of Peruvian culture and are pretty cute too. They make perfect gifts to bring back for a friend, or something to decorate your living room at home. | © peruviaje / Flickr


Like their textiles, you’ll find beautiful and vibrant backpacks handcrafted with both leather and textile. The backpacks are not only cool, but are also perfect while you’re trekking up and down all the Inca ruins throughout the Sacred Valley.

Moche Pottery

The Moches, the pre-Incan culture that once roamed the Peruvian coastline, were expert pottery makers and their incredible craftsmanship can be seen at Museo Larco, in Lima. You can buy replicas of their pottery at most gift stores, as well as replicas of their erotic pottery.

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