A Guide to Getting Around Miraflores, Peru

Bicycle | © Free-Photos / Pixabay
Bicycle | © Free-Photos / Pixabay
Photo of Brandon Dupre
8 March 2018

Miraflores is Lima’s most popular neighborhood with tourists. It’s where all the hostels and hotels are located, and it’s where all the restaurants and nightlife can be found. The best part is that you won’t have to get stuck in Lima’s ridiculous, omnipresent traffic to get there, at least not for too long. Here is our guide to getting around Lima’s most happening neighborhood.


Walking Miraflores is definitely doable and we recommend it. It’ll give you a better understanding of the landscape and physical layout of the city. Doing all of it, from the very tip north to the very tip south, would be a bit far, but going from the boardwalk to Parque Kennedy will give you a good feel for the neighborhood. It’s also the best way to find little hidden gems in the city that not many travelers know about.

Miraflores | © ygrrr / Pixabay


Biking is without a doubt the most enjoyable way to get around Miraflores. It’s quick, not too expensive, and fun. You have the freedom to go wherever you want and you’ll find bike rentals all along the Malecón (boardwalk). The only difficulty is navigating your way through the Lima traffic, which can be dangerously fun. There are bike paths all over the boardwalk, but once you turn in toward the city, it can get a bit trickier.


Taxis are the easiest way to get around, and they are literally everywhere. Don’t worry about the rumors that taxis are unsafe, because 99% of them are safe. Just flag one down and head to your new location. If the taxi is staying in Miraflores, you won’t have to pay much: 10 soles (US$3) at the most, but more like 5 soles (US$1.50). It’s fast and easy and you won’t have to stress about navigating the Lima traffic.

The Malecon in Miraflores | © Juan Carlos Martins / Flickr


Uber has recently expanded into the Lima market with great success. While taxis are still the driving force of Lima, Uber is gaining ground fast because of its cheap rides. It’s the cheapest way to get around Lima apart from buses or the express bus (Metropolitano). Do allow some time for them to get to you: Lima is difficult to get around by car, so they might be a bit late picking you up.


There are two options here: the bus and the express bus (Metropolitano). The bus system has buses that run through the heart of Lima, all heading in different directions. The problem with Lima’s buses, apart from the traffic, is figuring out which bus to take. The best line is the purple bus, with Chorrillos written on the front. That bus runs through the heart of Miraflores to Barranco.

Bus passengers | © Free-Photos / Pixabay

The Metropolitano

The express bus should be used only when heading to places such as the historical center, or neighborhoods in Lima that take some time to get to. The express bus is cheap (2.5 soles or US$0.77) and the fastest way to get around Lima. Be warned, though: there’s never any room and you’ll most likely be crammed into a hot, uncomfortable bus.

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