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Cycling in Colombia | © Carlos Adampol Galindo / Flickr
Cycling in Colombia | © Carlos Adampol Galindo / Flickr
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The Untold Story Behind Colombia's Obsession with Cycling

Picture of Chris Bell
Updated: 24 March 2018
It’s well-known that Colombians love dancing, coffee, and football, but something that fewer people know is that the nation is absolutely obsessed with cycling – people obsessively follow the Tour de France and every weekend you’ll see hundreds of keen amateurs powering their way up mountains and down valleys. Here’s why Colombians are so obsessed with cycling.

If the cycling gods could have designed their own country, it would likely look something like Colombia, a country where the Andes mountains split into three huge ranges, making for a nation of epic uphills and dramatic downhills. Throw in high-altitudes and long-distances, and you have a recipe for some truly amazing – and challenging – cycling. This perfect mixture means that Colombia has produced more than its fair share of world-class cyclists over the years.

Cycling is a social event in Colombia
Cycling is a social event in Colombia | © Iván Erre Jota / Flickr

Colombian cyclists have long been a thorn