The Best Bike Tours in Colombia

Mountain biking in Colombia
Mountain biking in Colombia | © Jonathan Hood / Flickr
Photo of Chris Bell
7 January 2018

Bike tours are always popular with travellers: offering a fun and active way to see a city or enjoy natural scenery, a bike tour can be more relaxed or intense depending on individual tastes. Luckily there are loads of different bike tours in Colombia to suit every level of cyclist, from city tours to full-day mountain biking excursions. So here are the best bike tours in Colombia.

Colombian Bike Junkies: Choachi and Coffee Circuit

Colombian Bike Junkies are an excellent mountain biking tour company who offer activities throughout the country. One of their newest and most interesting tours is a full-day trip from Bogotá, including a breathtaking 16 km (10 mile) descent to the pretty little mountain town of Choachi, as well as a tour of a local coffee farm included. It’s the perfect bike tour for anyone with a love of both adventures and world-class coffee.

Mountain biking in the Bogota savannah | © Tomás Castrillón / Flickr

Salento Cycling

Salento Cycling offers one of the most epic bike tours available in Colombia: an incredible descent of ‘The Golden Road’, the longest downhill ride in Colombia. Beginning at 3,400 m (111,000 ft) and ending in the stunning Cocora Valley at below 2,000 meters (6561 ft), you will barely even have to pedal on this truly amazing downhill ride! With different tours available for different cycling levels, this is easily the best bike tour you can do on the visit to the Colombian Coffee Region.

Bogotá Bike Tour

The Bogotá Bike Tour is one of the capital’s most enduringly popular tours, and with good reason. The six-hour cycling experience takes visitors all around the old colonial neighbourhood of La Candelaria, as well as to many more off-the-beaten-track neighbourhoods which many travellers never see. The cycling can be tricky due to all the traffic, but the guides are professional and it’s a great way to get to know Bogotá.

Cycling in Bogota | © Zvi Leve / Flickr

Medellin Bike Tour

Medellin’s best bike tour, the Medellin Bike Tour takes around four-hours and covers around 20 km (12.4 miles). There are plenty of stops along the route and the majority of it is flat; although there are two challenging climbs which are worth it for the stunning panoramic views of the city. And with each tour limited to just six riders, you really get a personalized and intimate tour experience.

Colombian Bike Junkies: Chicamocha Canyon and Jordan

Another great bike tour from Colombian Bike Junkies, the Chicamocha Canyon and Jordan tour takes riders on a journey through Colombia’s largest canyon. With over 50 km (31 miles) of epic downhill riding and some of the country’s most majestic scenery, plus a visit to the forgotten colonial town of Jordan, this is the flagship tour for the company, and with good reason: there might not be a better bike tour in Colombia.

Imagine mountain biking down this canyon! | © Jonathan Hood / Flickr

Bike Tours GN

Bike tours with a twist in Cartagena: Gerardo Nieto, a Cartagena-born filmmaker and bike-lover, has created two different tours offering a unique perspective of his hometown. The Movie Bike Tour takes guests to lesser-known parts of the city, and Gerardo recounts their stories in a cinematic fashion, and the Manzanillo del Mar Bike Ride, which takes you on an adventurous ride along beaches, and past mangroves and fishing villages.

Retrociclas Tours

Retrociclas offer tours of every different level and price and are the perfect bike tour choice for anyone with a love of cycling and an equal desire to explore and get to know Colombia. With tours ranging from single-day excursions to epic 15-day nationwide tours, they are truly offering a bike tour for all interests and levels. The most recommended is the excellent Multisport Bike Tour of Huila department, a lesser-known region of Colombia: participants cover over 200 km (124 miles) by bike, and can also enjoy canyoning, rafting, and many other adventure sports. It’s a bike tour with a difference; the dream trip for adrenaline junkies.