The Best Restaurants in Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

Moqueca is on the menu at Restaurante estrela da manha
Moqueca is on the menu at Restaurante estrela da manha | © Gilrovina/WikiCommons
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Despite its small size, Porto de Galinhas in the north of Brazil has plenty of things to do such as exploring some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, taking boat trips, and snorkeling with seahorses. When you’re not checking out the coastal town’s incredible offerings, there are some excellent restaurants to eat at, whether you want fancy seafood or a homemade (and huge) hamburger. Here are the best restaurants Porto de Galinhas has to offer.

1. La Tratoria, Porto de Galinhas

Restaurant, Italian


The green walls decorated with dozens of ornaments and pictures create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere at La Tratoria. The food is typically Italian with plenty of pasta, lasagne, and pizza dishes on the menu yet still with a Brazilian touch by using regional ingredients and local flavors where possible. It also has an extensive imported wine menu. It’s one of the best Italian-style restaurants in Porto de Galinhas and makes an ideal spot for a romantic date night.

2. Restaurante Barcaxeira

Restaurant, Bar, Brazilian


Known for its creamy escondidinho de macaxeira which is dried meat ‘hidden’ (a literal translation from its name) by piles of melted-until-crispy cheese, Restaurante Barcaxeira is the best restaurant option in Porto de Galinhas for typical northeastern Brazilian cuisine. The cozy venue can get noisy as tourists and residents from all over the region make a beeline there but for traditional, homemade food that uses local ingredients where possible, Restaurante Barcaxeira ticks all the right boxes.

3. Temakeria do Porto, Porto de Galinhas

Restaurant, Japanese


For couples or groups of friends debating between Japanese food, pizza, or classic pub snacks for dinner, then Temakeria do Porto is your place. Although primarily positioned as a Japanese restaurant, it also has pizzas with typical toppings and pub snacks such as cheese fondue and Belgian fries on the menu. Despite having a finger in every pie, it manages to juggle its diverse menu remarkably well and the food is fresh and delicious. They also try to cater for everyone by not having an official closing time; they only close when the last client leaves.

4. Restaurante Estrela da Manhã, Porto de Galinhas

Restaurant, Brazilian

food in Brazil
© Gilrovina / Wikimedia Commons

For classic Brazilian food made from traditional recipes without any modern-day pretense, Restaurante Estrela da Manhã is the best restaurant in Porto de Galinhas to eat honest, home-cooked food. The menu has typical Brazilian dishes which include white rice paired with black beans and farofa (fried cassava flour) and served with some kind of meat. Other dishes include platters to share with dried meat and roasted cassava, steak strips with fried cheese, and classic meals from the Northeast of Brazil such as escondidinho de camarão e catupiry (prawn and cream cheese hidden under a pile of melted cheese) and bolinho de feijoada (deep-fried bean dumplings). For a taste of true Brazilian cuisine, it’s hard to imagine a better place in Porto de Galinhas than here.

5. La Ursa - Hamburgueria, Porto de Galinhas

Restaurant, American

Sometimes only a hamburger will do to satisfy a particular craving and if that happens whilst you’re in Porto de Galinhas, then La Ursa (which translates to The Bear) is the place you need to go to. Undoubtedly the best hamburgers in Porto de Galinhas, these homemade burgers are huge and come with a variety of extra toppings and freshly-baked bread. Get the double burger if you’re feeling really hungry and enjoy with their freshly-made chips.

6. Restaurante Peixe na Telha - Original Sabor de Porto, Porto de Galinhas

Restaurant, Seafood

If all that beach time and the constant smell of the fresh salty air is making you crave seafood, then head to Restaurante Peixe na Telha – Original Sabor de Porto. With plenty of seafood options on the menu as well as some vegetarian choices, the chefs keep the dishes simple to let the natural taste of the food shine rather than smothering it in heaps of different flavors. Located right next to the sea allows for a pleasant night-time stroll along the beach after. This is one of the best value for money restaurants in Porto de Galinhas.

7. Beijupirá

Restaurant, Brazilian


Beijupirá is a chain of upscale restaurants and is dotted throughout several cities in the northeast of Brazil. The restaurants themselves have won several rewards for their quality food and intimate environment. Its star on the menu is the seafood with innovative dishes such as prawns with honey served with rice and passion fruit which make the most of the abundance of local food and produce. Although pricier than other nearby restaurants, Beijupirá still is good value for money and makes a wonderful place for a date night.

8. Munganga Bistro, Porto de Galinhas

Restaurant, Brazilian


This casual restaurant provides a laid-back setting with a seafront view to enjoy one of the many offerings on the menu. The diverse menu specializes in seafood, yet still has various meat options and vegetarian options too. The restaurant provides four different ambients for you to choose from: the air-conditioned room inside, the outdoor terrace that makes the most of the open sky, an outdoor gazebo that protects from the sea breeze, and the deck area which offers views of Porto de Galinhas’ natural sea pools.

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