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Fresh croissants and bread |©Ken Hawkins/Flickr
Fresh croissants and bread |©Ken Hawkins/Flickr
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Top 10 Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Lagoa, Rio De Janeiro

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Updated: 12 September 2016
For a good place for breakfast or brunch in Rio de Janeiro, there are few better places than Lagoa, a small natural lake that lies in the south of the city. With a gorgeous mountainous skyline and surrounding vegetation, it’s a natural idyllic escape from urban life yet still within the city. We round-up some of the best of Lagoa’s breakfast and brunch spots for a memorable morning.

Panificação Lagoa

Bakery, Brazilian, $$$
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breakfast and brunch Rio de Janeiro
Toasted bread and strong coffee is the Brazilian way of breakfast | © Marcelo Träsel / Flickr

Panificação Lagoa

A classic Brazilian bakery with all sorts of excellent breakfast and brunch options. The simple design inside creates an informal and homely environment where you can pull up a stool and settle down to eat at the counter. The locals there normally start their days with a strong black coffee with plenty of sugar, and a pão na chapa (toasted bread) or a salgadinho (pastry snacks).

Rua Jardim Botânico, 153, RJ, +55 (21) 2266 4436

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Mon - Sun:
7:30 am - 10:00 pm

Meal service:

All Day, Breakfast, Brunch


Cosy, Relaxed

La Bicyclette

Located just a couple of blocks away from Lagoa, this rustic French-owned bakery offers lots of fresh, delicious french bread, croissants and pastels and the shared breakfast of breads, fruits and yogurt is wonderful. There’s an outdoor patio to enjoy the peace and proximity of the Botânico Gardens and it has an extensive wine menu to enjoy an early morning toast.

Rua Pacheco Leão, 320, Jardim Botânico, RJ, +55 (21) 3256 9052

Fresh croissants and bread |©Ken Hawkins/Flickr
Fresh croissants and bread | ©Ken Hawkins/Flickr

Bakery Le Pain Du Lapin

Simple and cozy, this charming French bakery has all the qualities for a homely and wholesome breakfast. The fresh loaves are soft on the inside, crusty on the outside and attracts long lines of locals queueing up for their takeaway daily bread. Breakfast and brunch options include omelettes, crepes, fresh breads, yogurts and specially made honey and jams.

Rua Marques de Sao Vincente, 86, Gavea, RJ, +55 (21) 2422 1213

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Bakery Guerin

One of the most luxurious bakeries in Rio hits the spot with various fresh breads and the most authentic croissants around. With French ownership, it brings a little bit of France to Rio and is perfect for brunch. Treat yourself to one of their stunning desserts and famous macaroons; the tricky part is picking just one.

Rua Jardim Botânico, 67, RJ, +55 (21) 2579 8458

Vitoria Regia Centro de Gastronomia

This traditional bakery keeps it real with strong coffees, fresh breads and toasted sandwiches. What it lacks in terms of decorations and fabulous interior, it makes up for with generous portions and hearty foods. Try the misto quente, a toasted french-bread sandwich of Brazilian cheese and ham that leaves the cheese gooey and is immensely satisfying.

Rua Jardim Botânico, 612, RJ, +55 (21) 2512 1234

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Bakery Santa Marta

The interior is decorated to resemble an elegant living room, giving the whole place a welcoming and relaxing feel. The smell of fresh bread fills the air and the desserts on offer look and taste wonderful. For a naughty but sweet brunch, this is the spot with various desserts being bite-size giving plenty of space to try a few.

Rua Fonte da Saudade, 241A, Lagoa, RJ, +55 (21) 2535 0199

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Panificacao Seculo XX

Cheap and cheerful, Seculo XX provides simple yet satisfying breakfast options that are ideal to fuel the energy before taking a trip around Lagoa. It’s fresh toasted bread is one of the most popular choices as well as its homemade, fresh coffee. There are also several types of freshly made fruit juices with the mixed fruit and vegetable juices highly popular.

Rua Pacheco Leão, 320, Jardim Botânico, RJ, +55 (21) 2294 9798


One of the restaurants in Lagoon, a large complex in the lake with cinema and various events, Quadrifoglio is the best spot for incredible views across Lagoa and delicious brunch options on the menu. The outdoor terrace is the perfect seat for a light salad, fresh Italian breads and a glass of white wine. It’s a bit pricey but difficult to find a better view of the lake.

Avenida Borges de Medeiro, 1,424, Lagoa, RJ, +55 (21) 2244 0536

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Bibi is one of the most well-known snack bars in Rio de Janeiro. With an all-day menu, it’s a perfect place for a hearty breakfast or brunch. Its famous crepes are generously filled with a variety of options and will keep Rio explorers going for hours. Or its açaí is sweet and refreshing, just like its wide range of fresh fruit juices.

Rua Jardim Botânico, 632, Jardim Botânico, RJ, +55 (21) 2244 0536

Picnic At The Lake Itself

One of the best breakfast or brunch options in Lagoa is the lake itself. With stunning backdrops and peaceful surroundings, it’s hard to imagine a more serene spot to have a picnic. All of the bakeries listed here do takeaway so take what you fancy, lay out a blanket and enjoy one of the most beautiful breakfasts that Rio can offer.