The Most Beautiful Streets in São Paulo

Beco do Batman in the Vila Madalena neighborhood | ©  Alf Ribeiro / Shutterstock
Beco do Batman in the Vila Madalena neighborhood | © Alf Ribeiro / Shutterstock
Photo of Lise Alves
1 March 2017

In a city like São Paulo, narrow streets engulfed by skyscrapers and cast in shade are common. But the city also has beautiful, ample streets. Some are lined with trees perfect for strolls, while others are notable for their unique and quirky characteristics. Here are some of the most interesting streets you will find in São Paulo.

Rua Galvão Bueno

If one street were to describe the Asian sensation of Liberdade, that street would be Rua Galvão Bueno. With its typical red lantern-like street lights it is the main avenue leading into the Japanese neighbourhood. On weekends the street is filled with tourists and residents searching for Japanese products or a good restaurant.

Rua Galvão Bueno, Liberdade, São Paulo | © Gustavo Marquez Villegas/Flickr

Vale do Anhangabau

Located in the old center of São Paulo, the Vale do Anhangabau’s pedestrian walkway is one of the most beautiful streets in the city. Here thousands of busy executives hurry across it every day while tourists stroll along the walkway which sits between two bridges, Viaduto do Cha and the Viaduto Santa Efigenia. The walkway has been the stage for many political and social demonstrations, as well as celebrations.

Vale do Anhangabau, Anhangabau, São Paulo, Brazil

Vale do Anhangabau, São Paulo © Naira Teixeira Dias/Flickr

Vale do Anhangabau, São Paulo © Naira Teixeira Dias/Flickr

Rua Avanhandava

Considered by many as the most charming street in São Paulo, Rua Avanhandava is actually an alleyway revitalised by a businessman who decided to make this part of the city’s old downtown more pleasing to the eye. The executive re-paved the street and bought the old houses, transforming them into restaurants and specialty stores. Today some come to the downtown area just to stroll down this street.

Rua Avanhadava, Consolação, São Paulo, Brazil

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Avenida Dr. Vieira de Carvalho

Located in the heart of Largo do Arouche, this avenue is one of the greenest venues in the downtown area of the Republica neighbourhood. Here visitors feel they have been taken back to a time when cars and pollution did not dominate the centre of São Paulo.

Avenida Dr. Vieira de Carvalho, Republica, São Paulo, Brazil

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Avenida Professor Fonseca Rodrigues

The avenue runs along Parque Villa Lobos and in some parts is just as pretty as the park itself. Lined with old, traditional homes on one side and the park on the other, Avenida Professor Fonseca Rodrigues has a wide bike lane in the centre of the avenue which is very popular during weekends.

Avenida Prof Fonseca Rodrigues, São Paulo | © Lise Alves

Rua Normandia

Known as Santa Claus and Christmas street, Rua Normandia is a small side street nestled in the Moema neighborhood. The charming area caters to visitors coming to look at its trendy shops and gourmet stores. During the Summer, it is a popular place to spend an afternoon, enjoy an ice cream cone or sit on a bench watching the passersby.

Rua Normandia

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