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Women's Fashion / Pixabay
Women's Fashion / Pixabay

The Best Womenswear Boutiques in Florianópolis

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Updated: 11 February 2017
Brazilian women are famed for their body confidence, on and off the beach. The boutiques throughout Brazil reflect this confidence, with fabulous clothes. Regardless of personal taste, the boutiques in Florianópolis have plenty of options for all styles. Check out our best picks here.

Buddha Bali

Channel your beach spirit by shopping at this small but sweet boutique. Located in Lagoa da Conceição, the store is perfectly placed for a shopping trip, with plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby (not to mention the gorgeous lake). The shop has maxi dresses just right for strolling the beach, along with bikinis, accessories, and hats to complete your beachy, Balinese-inspired look.

Buddha Bali, Av. Afonso Delambert Neto, 664 – loja 06 – Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis +55 (48) 3065-4113

Buddha Bali / Pixabay

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Antonio Maraski

If you’re needing a more formal, elegant look while in Florianópolis or just want to take home a fabulous dress, this is the only store you need to visit. Founded in 2011 and frequented by Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, this brand has become the go-to on the island for evening wear. It’s easy to see why, with high quality dresses in a variety of styles that boast the finest silk and hand-sewn details. With a team who are experts in fashion for special occasions, you’re sure to walk out with one (or more) dresses to add to your wardrobe.

Antonio Maraski, Rua Altamiro Guimarães, 190 – Centro, Florianópolis (48) 3333-8480

Same No More

This store has taken the popular concept of Rent-the-Runway and brought it to Brazil. Same No More offers a wide selection of dresses and other formal and cocktail wear to suit a variety of styles, but instead of buying an over-priced dress that may only be used once, clients of Same No More just rent the clothes for the occasion. They promise to have your dress at your door at least two days in advance of your event, and they take care of the cleaning before and after your rental. Check out their online options or visit the concept store in Florianópolis.

Same No More, Av. Mauro Ramos, 1443 Centro, Florianópolis (48) 3037-2579

Formal Gowns / Pixabay

Formal Gowns / Pixabay


Another Rent-the-Runway type concept store, this fashion boutique is a strong advocate of Slow Fashion, a movement that emphasizes quality and longevity of clothes through more thoughtful production, lower waste and fair pay for workers. The AIA store embodies this idea with their cocktail and formal gown rentals, making it a great place to find a dress that fits well and contributes positively to the fashion industry.

AIA, Tv. Stodieck, 46 – Centro, Florianópolis (48) 3209-2500


This Brazilian brand is known for its delicate intimate wear at affordable prices, but the boutique also has plenty of fashion for sale. Check out their location in Iguatemi, for beautiful selection of lingerie, bikinis and more. Didn’t see your size in stock? No worries. Head to their website and find the exact piece you want and have it delivered to your door.

Scala, Av. Mauro Ramos, 1835 – Centro, Florianópolis (48) 3333-0101

Lingerie / Pixabay

Lingerie / Pixabay