The Best Things to Do for Free on a Sunday in Florianópolis

Avenida Beira Mar
Avenida Beira Mar | © Lima Pix /Flickr
Georganne Hassell

Sundays should be relaxing no matter where you are, but in Florianópolis there’s plenty of places to make the most of this day off. The beaches here are always free, so take advantage of these special, free events that make for a perfectly chill Sunday.

Artisanal craft and food fair

Every Sunday from 3PM-8PM artisans and food vendors gather in the Parque de Coqueiros for a food and craft fair that’s free and open to the public. This fair has included up to 60 vendors, giving it a solid variety of wares and foods to peruse. Some typical options to enjoy are fried crab, gourmet burgers and acarajé, a Brazilian food with roots in West Africa that is essentially beans formed into a ball and deep fried. This fair is an excellent place to experience various aspects of Brazilian culture through its food and art, as well as experience a different side of Florianópolis.
Parque de Coqueiros, R. Cap. Euclídes de Castro, 188 – Coqueiros, Florianópolis, Brazil

Craft and Food Fair

Stroll the Beira Mar

Take a break from the beach on Sundays to enjoy Avenida Beira Mar, a street that winds along the coastline on the bay side of the island. There is a wide cycle path perfect for pedaling, or else enjoy skateboarding or rolling blading on the path. There are shops, restaurants, and a large shopping mall just on the other side of the street to take a break for lunch. Take in the bay breeze, the palm trees and the beautiful view of the coast with a coconut water in hand.
Praça Getulio Vargas, 298 – Centro, Florianópolis, Brazil

Avenida Beira Mar

Guided meditation class

Sunday is the perfect day to reset mentally and physically. Travelers in Floripa can enjoy a free guided meditation class every Sunday at 10AM. Located on the bay side of the island on Avenida Beira Mar, this class is an opportunity to practice Portuguese and become more mindful overall. No experience is necessary to enjoy this free guided session.
Guided Mediation Class, Avenida Beira Mar Norte, Centro, Florianópolis, Brazil

Group meditation in a park │

Yoga class

Florianópolis has plenty of places to practice yoga, but first try out a free class on Sundays at Vrinda Cultural Center and hosted by Yoga Inbound. Expect this class to be heavily influenced with ancient Indian yogic principles, as this center is dedicated to exploring this culture. They also have music, culture and philosophy classes throughout the week, all free and open to the public.
Yoga Inbound Class, Vrinda Cultural Center, R. Joe Collaço, 125 – Santa Monica, Florianópolis, Brazil, +55 48 3304 8457


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